FRANKI LOVE – “The Sun” Exclusive Review!

This year has been a very tough one, but artists and creatives have found the strength and inspiration to share their art during these challenging times, creating incredible albums. In times like these when we need to find comfort and positivity in music, artists like Franki Love stand out of the crowd thanks to unique compositions, soulful lyrics, and fantastic melodies that steal your attention and spread good vibes! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to her album “The Sun,” a twelve-track release that will take you far away towards new, unexplored soundscapes!


Franki Love is a talented singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, and much more! Starting her music path when she was just four, this award-winning artist lives in both Los Angeles and NYC. Despite the adversities, Franki managed to work on her album and complete all the composition that, born at the piano, become incredible musical architectures influenced by many styles and sonorities from different genres, proof of Love’s artistic maturity and excellent songwriting skills!

Tuned at 432Hz, the frequency of the universe, “The Sun” is a great release that starts with the beautiful sonorities of “Angel Stories,” followed by the sweetness and heartwarming “Balloons,” and “In the Glow,” an excellent track that, between catchy percussions and memorable melodies, shines thanks to Franki’s perfect interpretation of the toughing lyrics. “L.o.v.e.” is a real gem of modern music, inspirational and honest; this is a song everyone should listen to, and, maybe, the world would be a better place. Once again, Franki’s outstanding performance behind the microphone makes this song a real masterpiece.

The album flows smoothly through the energetic “Glorious Life,” the soothing synths and sounds of “Rainbows,” and the positivity of the title track “The Sun.” The beautiful orchestrations and the modern beat of “Anchor of Light,” the emotional “Stay For a Minute,” the positivity of “Little Birds'” cover, and the inspirational “Heaven Flows in You” enrich this outstanding release with an explosion of artistic beauty and creativity. “Sway” closes the circle leaving the listeners in a dreamlike state of mind, the perfect closure for one of the best albums of 2020! Franki Love is a pure and unique talent, and we can’t wait for her next release!

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