G@K – “Hated Now” Exclusive Review!

Every artist is different, and it is not only a matter of sound or genre. Some artists have that spark inside that makes them stand out of the crowd and help them turn memories and real-life experiences into fantastic songs. Focusing more on the quality of the music they release, some artists achieve an incredible maturity and awareness of their role not only as entertainers but, most of all, as populizers of vital messages. Artists like G@k know how to capture an audience’s attention, and through their music, we can feel the intensity of his message. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single “Hated Now,” a track that will stay in your favorite playlists for a long time!

G@k is a talented rapper, Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and performer originally from California and based in Texas. Growing up in a family where the love for music was vivid and constant, G@k started discovering his musical talent from a very young age. He found his dimension in Rap and Hip-Hop music, shaping his sound and incorporating all those sonorities that have been familiar with his whole life. It is easy to find Pop, Soul, R&B, and Rock vibes in his bases, characteristic that makes his songs unique and powerful!

“Hated Now” is one of those songs everyone should listen to. G@k gives life to an intense story through the strong and direct lyrics of this track. The intensity of his interpretation leaves the listener breathless for most of the track. The base’s classy arrangement, elegant and modern, gives this track the deep of a masterpiece, conveying emotions and turning them into memorable vibes.

Just like G@k’s other single “Iron Man” and “Tony Stark,” the excellent songwriting, supported by careful sound research, makes “Hated Now,” a track that stands out of the crowd of the ocean of daily releases. G@k’s rapping style is unique in his genre, alternating melodic parts to raw lines, using the rhythm as a tool to spread his message. “Hated Now” is a great release that anticipates the album “Welcome to Forever” out on October the 20th, a song that is proof of G@k’s songwriting skills and his artistic maturity.

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Official Website: www.callmegak.com

Souncloud: G@k – Hated Now

Spotify: G@k

Instagram: callmegak

Facebook: callmegak

Twitter: callmegak

YouTube: Gak

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