LA BEK – “With You / For You” Exclusive Review!

Some artists are great in one single genre, others can master every kind of music thanks to their flexibility and artistry, but very few can turn into gold everything they sing. La Bek is one of the few, and today we had the big pleasure to listen to her latest release, “With You/For You”, an authentic piece of art, full of surprises, passion, and class.

An MFA from Cornell University, NYC and her performances in plays, parts in TV, Broadway, Boston and Berklee College of Music. These are just some of the endless experiences that made La Bek the marvelous singer and performer she is.

Her latest studio album “With You/For You” is a timeless collection of songs that span from Jazz to Blues and much more, where she gathered outstanding musicians to help her deliver one of the greatest releases of 2019 and 2020.

Starting with the first track “Mercie Bon Dieu” we understand the high quality of the music and production, the finesse of the arrangement and the incredible stamina of La Bek’s voice! A song of great impact and energy that already sets the bar very high!

The main single of the album, “Hold On” is one of those universal songs that everyone should listen to carefully, eyes closed, enjoying La Bek’s voice as you do with good wine. A true artist that enchants with the amazing interpretation skills. An outstanding performance that shows how rich and unique her voice can be. “Life is short and we are in this together, we’ve got to hold on, together” this song can resonate with everyone, especially in these difficult times.

The strong “Blues Is Good For The Soul” and “Good Morning Heartache”, the energetic “No Use Trying” and the elegant “Angel Eyes” down to the last track “Drown In My Own Tears”. Eighteen tracks that flow one by one like chapters of a book that tell more than a story, they carry you to places far away, so sit back and enjoy the journey.

A big BRAVO goes to all the musicians, producers and sound engineers involved in this project for their great job in such an important album.

If you like music that matters, you cannot miss La Bek’s “With You/For You”, add it to your playlists and don’t forget to share it! Check the links below to know more about La Bek and her art!

Official Website:

Spotify: La Bek

Instagram: La Bek Music

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Labek has been performing since the age of nine. After winning a full scholarship to Cornell University, where she received an MFA, she moved to NYC. There, she pursued a performance career, starring in a number of repertory plays, working on parts in TV and on Broadway. Throughout her career, she spent many hours developing her craft, preparing, and finally bringing all her experience and wisdom to recording her vocal artistry. Labek (AKA Rebecca Malka Perricone) moved to Boston where she presently is part of the faculty at Berklee College of Music.  Her life experiences have produced an artist whose powerful voice and passion for storytelling and music must be heard.

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