HEATHER FAY – “Sensual” Exclusive Review!

Healthy self-esteem is one of the most fundamental gifts that artists must possess, knowing that what they are creating has an immense value because it is the fruit of their mind, their ingenuity, and their talent. Real artists, those who then leave their mark in music, are already born like this, and from an early age, they quickly learn the use of one or more instruments, demonstrating great genius. Artists like Heather Fay, who showed musical and vocal skills of the highest level from an early age, prove that when talent and art unite, the result is unique and special.


Raised in Kansas City, Missouri, she showed an intense poetic vein from an early age, which she then transformed into song lyrics, accompanying herself on the piano. Her strong poetic soul pushed her towards a Pop and R&B genre that HEATHER has assimilated to the great, thanks also to her guiding spirits: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys from whom she absorbs the energy for her compositions, but which she interprets with her special and unique refinement. Thanks to the splendid, powerful, and fluid voice that manages to cover a range of four octaves, and thanks to the excellent lyrics that directly address the society of our time, Heather has proven to be well on the road to success. Today, at Planet Singer, we feel honored to listen to her latest album “Sensual,” ten exciting tracks that show Heather’s outstanding vocal and songwriting skills, an extraordinary curtain that opens on a scene that will leave us happily surprised.

The album starts with the exciting opening track, “Mine,” introduced by a unique musical architecture to support Heather’s beautiful warm voice, to continue with “Have Me Fucked Up,” where the dialogue becomes confidential, sensual, while the musical base acts as a veil to the conversation. From the high tones of “Hot,” we go to “Walk This Road Alone,” a real jewel, a touch of color for the soul. Through the fresh and brilliant track of “Finally Free,” we arrive at the extraordinary and dreamy “All Night Long,” where the Pop soul of this exceptional artist stands out. The same chords of the intro close the curtain, leaving the listeners in a state of pure pleasure after listening to this true masterpiece of contemporary music. “Sensual” is a great release, and we can’t wait for Heather’s next release!

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Spotify: Heather Fay

YouTube: Heather Fay

Instagram: iamheatherfay

Soundcloud: iamheatherfay

Apple Music: Heather Fay

Pandora: Heather Fay

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