Heather Walton – Much more than music! Exclusive Interview!

Some artists have that unique gift of reaching the listeners' heart just after a couple of seconds you listen to their music. Artists like Heather Walton stand out from the crowd thanks to their genuine, raffinate, and charismatic artistry!

Heather Walton’s latest single, “I Wanna Know,” is out now, supported by an excellent music video. This great release shows the result of the fantastic teamwork with her new label and the artistic maturity of an incomparable artist!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of discovering more about this talented artist with an exclusive interview!

Hi Heather, thanks a lot for being here today at Planet Singer. Your music is inspiring and exciting, and we are thrilled to discover more about you and your artistic journey, so let’s start from the beginning! How did you discover your passion for music?

Thank you! By the time I was 4, I was imitating all the divas and thoroughly enjoyed karaoke. You would often hear my sister and I harmonizing. I come from a musical family, so it’s in my blood. I felt a deep passion early in my life and always knew it was something I needed to pursue. That feeling has never left me.

Your new song, “I Wanna Know,” is out now, and let me say, it’s a great release. Can you tell us more about this song?

I want to know more about the possibilities of the purest human emotion… love. This is the basis of my new single, “I Wanna Know.” It’s an anthem for the world, but especially dreamers. About a big ideal based on one’s innermost desires and feelings that have a deep meaning in the most passional way. It’s about overcoming boundaries and a quest for light. My hope for “I Wanna Know” is that it will spark the listener to analyze their deepest desires on the subject of love and then strive to reach new heights in their relationships, emotions, fantasies, and dreams. Love is the highest of all values, after all.

This song also signs the first official release with your new label, the Italian Sonos Music Records Intl. / Maffucci Music. How did this collaboration start?

I’ve always wanted to combine my passion for music with culture and travel. I wanted a unique artistic experience in the music industry. One evening on Instagram, I took the time to follow some labels and producers around the world. I stumbled upon Maffucci Music and was impressed, so I followed and commented. He later reached out and told me he was in love with my voice and artistic expression. The rest is history! We evolved into a musical team so naturally and magically. It was as if we had a message to share and needed to fully accept the mission. I now have a team of talented individuals who believe in me and show the utmost respect for my artistic ideas.

A big Bravo also goes to talented arranger Ermanno Corrado, mixing engineer Luigi Cariddi, and everyone involved in the production; such a brilliant result. How was working with such an experienced team?

It was amazing! I sent my demo to Ermanno, and he created something far more epic and majestic than I imagined. The orchestra arrangement was brilliant. He truly landed on the same wavelength as me and interpreted my song with all the emotion I envisioned. I am so grateful to Luigi and the rest of the team for their incredible efforts on the song. Every person involved gave their top game and full heart to the project.

What inspires you?

Nature, emotions, art and history, books, music, travel, and my loved ones.

Your songwriting is fresh and extremely appealing. Can you reveal your creative process? How do your songs come to life?

I try to be open to the process and let it flow naturally. Generally, I know the vibe I want and what I want to say. The hard part is delivering that message in a poetic, musical, and catchy way. I generally figure out the chord progression, then add the melody, and lastly, the lyrics. Kind of all at the same time too.

Great music, memorable melodies, but also important lyrics. Every word seems to be perfectly calibrated, balanced, and most of all felt. How important is it for you, as an artist, to find the right words?

I love the challenge of finding the perfect words to express my thoughts on any given topic. Music and poetry are so important for our well-being here on earth. A song can bring incredible emotions in just 4 minutes. As humans, we crave to FEEL… However, many of us unknowingly walk through life desensitized to feelings. It could be that we are subconsciously protecting our hearts from certain emotions or just simply too busy to pay attention. But a song with good lyrics can bring a universe of emotions and remind our soul how much we need that. Music and good lyrics are brilliant in bringing deep emotions to the surface. It’s the natural therapy many of us need.

You have a great voice! Are you a natural singer, or did you attend vocal lessons?

I think of my voice as a God-given talent and naturally knew how to sing. I was often asked to sing in my church congregation as a little girl. Later on, I took voice lessons from multiple teachers and continue to learn as an adult as well. Voice lessons can definitely strengthen your skills. I use a makeup analogy, when applied properly, it can enhance all the natural beauty one has.

If you could collaborate with one or more of the artists who influenced you the most, who would you like to share the stage or a track with?

Andrea Bocelli, Hans Zimmer, David Foster, Josh Groban, Elton John, Carrie Underwood, to name a few. 

The past couple of years have been tough for everyone, and artists have seen a significant change in the way they interact with their audience. Gigs move from actual stages to live streams on social media, somehow widening the opportunity for the artists to reach a wider audience. What do you think about this change? Are you going to do some gigs anytime soon?

I’ve noticed some artists recently posting their world tours starting in 2022. This is comforting as it shows hope for the future and light at the end of the tunnel! While the pandemic was challenging for artists, it opened a new door that allowed more creativity online, so this change has been good in some aspects. I’m definitely hoping to perform live in the near future, especially with an orchestra which is my dream. I’m open to any and all opportunities that seem like a good fit.

Before signing with the guys at Sonos Music Records and Maffucci Music, you released seven singles with Mtec Academy Music Production from London, UK. How much of that experience shaped your artistic path? Are those songs still part of your repertoire?

My experience with the Mtec Academy from London was important for my musical journey. I could not be doing what I am now without the knowledge and character I gained during that time. I’m planning to re-do a couple of the songs with my new team as my artistic expression evolved and I now have access to better equipment, etc. I’m sure I will keep several in my repertoire as they do mean a lot to me.

Your song “I Wanna Know” is also supported by an excellent video! What is clear is the narrative behind the whole track, with some clever hints for the viewers. The Cherry Blossoms, the rain at the beginning of the video, etc., all are part of the song’s true meaning. Can you tell us more about it?

We wanted to create a music video that was introspective. A glimpse into a passionate woman’s life who is seeking a big ideal. We decided to go with a movie-like structure as it enables the viewer to understand the story and her deep feelings more effectively. The rain during the first half of the video is symbolic. It not only creates the mood of romance, but it also highlights her determination and symbolizes rebirth. Rain often brings abundance. In the second half of the video, the rain disappears as she has overcome a lot and is reaching new heights. You will see Cherry Blossoms throughout the second half of the video. They are symbolic of the spring- a time of renewal. Cherry blossoms are metaphors for human existence- their bloom time is only fleeting. They also signify love and the female mystique (beauty, strength, and sexuality) along with tranquility and peace.

I also imagine that the narrative behind your songs is also the result of your musical taste. From divas such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston to classical music and much more. How important is it for you to blend in such a refined way, all those influences, without losing the focus on the sound that makes you so unique?

I have been exposed to a lot of music and genres in my life. Growing up, my dad introduced me to bands like The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and The Beatles, while my mom loved soft 80’s hits like Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler and Sacrifice by Elton John. I found a love for all the divas with massive vocals like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston because I loved to sing along and be a diva myself, haha. Of course, my love of Classical and instruments has been important for my well-being as it soothes my soul. I often have it playing in the background during the day. All of these influences (along with choir and church singing experiences) have contributed to my unique sound, which has pop qualities but with a refined taste at the essence of it all.

What are your plans for the future?

We have big plans! The sky is the limit, and I’m going for it. I hope to collaborate with influential artists, perform on big stages, do some important work that challenges my creativity, and combine my music with cultural experiences that bring goodness and love to humanity. It must always feel meaningful.

Heather, it was such a pleasure having you with us today. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you so much for having me! It was a pleasure to answer these questions as genuinely as possible. Stay tuned for my upcoming work! It’s going to be fantastic and full of surprises. 🙂

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Official Website: www.heatherwalton.com

Instagram: heathermwalton

Spotify: Heather Walton

YouTube: Heather Walton


Website: www.sonosmusicrecords.com

Instagram: sonos_music_records

Youtube: ItalianMUSICpromo

(P)2021 – SONOS MUSIC RECORDS (a Maffucci Music Label)

©2021 – “I Wanna Know” (Heather Marie Tanner), MAFFUCCI MUSIC



Born in California, Heather Walton is an American singer-songwriter living in Utah, USA. She composes her music with the acoustic guitar and piano, her favorite being the electric guitar. Some of her influences are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera (all the divas). Along with Elton John, one of her favorite artists. She also has a love for classical music, which often trickles into her compositions. She began singing before she could talk, with some of her earliest memories performing for her church congregation. She’s participated in choirs, music festivals, singing groups, and competitions, as well as studio work. Heather’s childhood was overflowing with the arts, including dance classes, vocal lessons, and a passion for acting. As a contemporary vocalist that adores romantic music, Heather is aspiring to achieve this vibe in her upcoming work. She enjoys tapping into her feminine and sensual side, her most authentic nature. She hopes to spread light with her music and lyrics, as her mission is to help all feel love, the highest of all values. Heather started releasing covers on YouTube in 2018 and was discovered by a Canadian mastering engineer, François Rocheleau. He began mastering her covers and encouraged her to release original compositions. In 2019 she joined a local band and learned a lot about teamwork. She still enjoys collaborating with them when possible. In 2020 she was contacted by Mtec Academy Music Production from London, UK. They released 7 singles together. Early 2021, Heather signed with the renowned Italian Sonos Music Records Intl. Label (Maffucci Music). Out in May, her new single “I Wanna Know” which will be the first of a long collaboration with them and the arranger Ermanno Corrado, who runs his recording studios and video production facility.

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