Honey Gold Jasmine and AjGod – “Everything That Makes Your Heartbeat” Exclusive Review!

Sometimes it takes a couple of plays before you can really understand and get into the vibes of an artist. Some other times it is love at first play! It is quite rare nowadays to find artists with such perfect artistic chemistry that, when working together, can deliver such powerful music. Artists like Honey Gold Jasmine and AjGod are proof that there is still hope for the future of contemporary music. While the majority of artists focus on simple beats, catchy melodies, and ok lyrics, these two talented artists have the ability to blend genres such as Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, and R&B, creating a unique sound that makes them stand out from the crowd thanks to the creativity, versatility, and authenticity of their music! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their single “Everything That Makes Your Heartbeat,” an exciting track that introduces the talented duo’s album Twin Flames, soon to be released!


Honey Gold Jasmine is a talented singer, songwriter from Vallejo, CA, USA. Gifted with a soulful, rich, warm voice and incredible interpretational skills that make her sound recognizable from the very first notes she sings. AjGod is a talented producer, arranger, and creative from Oakland, CA, USA. His excellent taste and HGJ’s outstanding vocal performance make this duo unbeatable when creating exciting, engaging, and inspiring music. The duo’s artistic synergy, also in a relationship, shows in the perfect chemistry that you feel in their songs!

“Everything That Makes Your Heartbeat” is a fantastic release that sets the bar at a very high level! We can appreciate the catchy beat supporting saxophonist KJ Focus’s classy and elegant playing from the track’s first notes. Honey Gold Jasmine’s singing is sophisticated, soulful, and intriguing, making the song dynamic and exciting. Her interpretation of the lyrics is unique and finds its climax in the second half of the track. A direct and genuine rapping part gives the song a modern and experimental twist that enriches the whole composition even more!

Supported by a fantastic video directed by Black Film Connect and edited by Raphael Mallari, this song flows smoothly from start to finish thanks to the excellent arrangement and production, a real trademark of AjGod’s sound. The superb mixing work done by Aristotle the Great gives that extra boost to a track that is a perfect introduction to the duo’s album and proves their artistic maturity. “Everything That Makes Your Heartbeat” is one of those tracks everyone should listen to, and we can’t wait for Honey Gold Jasmine’s and AjGod’s next release!

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Official Website: www.honeygoldjasmine.com

Spotify: Honey Gold JasmineAjGod 

YouTube: Honey Gold Jasmine

Instagram: honeygoldmusic ajgod510

Facebook: honeygoldjasmine

Twitter: h1ghv1bes0nly

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