Indecent Proposal Release The Excellent Single “Behind Her Eyes” – Exclusive Review

In a world obsessed with metrics and conformity, Duluth-based band "Indecent Proposal" is a band that surprises thanks to a solid sound and a unique style. The band's new single, "Behind Her Eyes," stands proof of their commitment to musical authenticity and a refusal to conform to the limitations of a single genre.

Indecent Proposal is a musical force based in Duluth, MN, the birthplace of songwriting legend Bob Dylan. Drawing inspiration from Dylan’s dedication to songcraft, the band takes a serious approach to their music, a commitment evident in the intricate layers of their compositions. But here’s the twist—they defy the constraints of a singular genre. Like their muse, they explore various sounds and genres, allowing their songwriting to evolve organically.

The band comprises Josh Brown (Lead Singer/Producer), Terry Beckman (Bass Guitar/Manager), Jevin Joki (Drummer), Jason Soderlund (Lead Guitar), and Peter Dotson (Lead Guitar). Together, they bring a dynamic blend of talents, creating music that refuses to be confined by expectations. The band issues a rebellious call to embrace authenticity and challenges the pressures and expectations placed upon individuals, urging us to respect differences, love one another, and, above all, celebrate individuality.


The latest single, “Behind Her Eyes,” is a soulful track that weaves bluesy arrangements with experimental rock and tasteful guitar riffs. The song’s dynamic shifts between the first and second halves, accentuated by a slow-paced chorus, perfectly frame the narrative interpreted by the singer. With an outstanding vocal performance and brilliant guitar solos, supported by excellent bass lines and dynamic drums, the track showcases the band’s versatility and artistic maturity.

“Behind Her Eyes” enriches Indecent Proposal’s brilliant discography, following the energetic vibes of previous releases like “Feeling Good” and “Late In The Morning.” The song is not just a musical creation but a journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional sound, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s mind. “Behind Her Eyes” marks a fundamental and excellent new chapter in the band’s journey. In an industry flooded with trends, they carve a unique path with this new single, a contemporary anthem that lingers long after the final notes fade away. Indecency never sounded so good. Well done guys!


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