Introducing Mimi Novic: A Beacon of Inspiration and Transformation – Exclusive Interview!

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we present an exclusive interview with Mimi Novic, one of today's most esteemed inspirational authors, motivational speakers, and self-awareness experts.

With a profound commitment to guiding others on their journey of personal growth and empowerment, Mimi's work has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world. Her insightful writings and powerful quotes have become synonymous with positivity, resilience, and inner strength, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a beacon of inspiration. Through her unique blend of complementary medicine, transformative therapy, and the healing power of music, Mimi has dedicated her life to helping others realize their true potential and embrace a life of fulfillment and well-being.

Join us as we delve into Mimi’s remarkable journey, her creative process, and her vision for a world where every individual can achieve their lifelong ambitions and heal from within.


Hi Mimi, thank you so much for being with us today! We are thrilled to know more about your journey; your work is truly inspiring and has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world. What initially inspired you to embark on your journey as a bestselling inspirational author and motivational speaker?

I have been writing since as far as I can remember it was a unique world for me, the world of imagination and storytelling, a place that was a sanctuary and where I could be my true self and express my innermost feelings.

A teacher at school one day came in and said that her author friend had read some of my work, I was around thirteen years old, and he had said to her “One day this child will be an author”.

This really inspired me to continue with my writing and was the spark of inspiration that would change my life.

Motivational speaking came about from me being a lecturer in colleges, universities, and running my own courses, seminars, and retreats.

It was a gradual follow-on, as many people commented that I could tell a good story, and they encouraged me to share my journey and colourful lifestyle, as this inspired people to leave the mundane and pursue the extraordinary.

Your writings and quotes are widely recognized as some of the most powerful and transformative in modern times. Can you share with us your creative process and how you craft such impactful messages?

I only ever write about what I have experienced throughout my life.

One is only able to share deeply and sincerely with another person what they themselves have felt and lived through.

It gives you the ability to touch others’ hearts only if one has contemplated their own heart and tries to follow it.

We can impact others profoundly if we have ourselves felt the depths of human emotions and lived through them.

Your expertise in self-development and spiritual growth has earned you immense respect and admiration. How do you approach teaching and guiding others on their path to self-awareness and personal transformation?

Answer: They say to teach is to learn again and I truly believe that every person we meet has something to teach us in life.

I am convinced that we cannot lead anyone anywhere unless we have been there ourselves as only by traveling the path yourself can you help others see the way.

Every teacher only awakens in the student what they already know, we are just vessels that help remind them that which they had forgotten.

As a complementary medical practitioner and self-development teacher, you’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in various fields. What have been some of the most rewarding collaborations in your career?

Every single collaboration I have ever had has taught me that I am continually in awe at how much we all can learn from each other.

Whether I was with the Bedouins that I spent traveling through the desert with, learning from the hidden sages that only a few visit, drinking tea with the healers that live in the remotest mountains far from humanity, to sharing insights with the successful thinkers and scientists, to teaching alongside highly esteemed university professors, each and every one of those powerful humans taught me firstly about myself, then that every one of us has something to give to the world that is our special gift.

This is the beauty of being together on this wonderful planet.

Your lifelong dream and vision revolve around helping people realise their true potential and transform their lives. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable success story or moment where you witnessed a profound change in someone’s life?

I was asked once by a revered healer and teacher to help a young boy who was seven years old, who had from birth been unable to walk.

It was one of those moments in life where you want to help but feel totally powerless, which in itself is a huge awakening, as I wasn’t elevated enough to be able to help him walk, nor had I ever had such a request.

In my heart, I knew though immediately what I had to do.

It’s a remarkable feeling when you allow your heart to lead the way and you hear its voice telling you what you must do and this was one of those moments.

I realised that this young boy had never really felt alive, he was so deeply sad, I could feel his pain at watching the other children and his brother playing, while he just sat all day in his wheelchair.

The key to unlock this young child’s life was to make him feel alive and to want to live.

To show him that his disability didn’t have to stop him from living and pursuing his dreams.

And there began our journey together.

I enlisted the help of some dear friends and colleagues of mine who were free-spirited and also some of their children who were willing to make this young boy feel his power as a child and as a part of humanity.

The first thing I did was to take a water hose, it was a very hot summer on the island, and I sprayed him with the water, while his mum watched wondering what I was doing.

He began to cry and cry and I cried also as I knew this was the beginning of his real life and then I handed him the hose and he sprayed me with water, which he found hilarious.

His mum said it was the first time she ever heard him laugh, and it was at that point I knew we had turned a huge corner.

The journey together went on for a few months and at the end, we all had to part our ways as I was traveling again, but I will never forget his words to me as we said goodbye, ” Thank you for teaching me to fly”. 

And in that second, I felt we both had gained the wings of freedom.


Traveling extensively around the world has exposed you to a diverse range of cultures and teachings. How have these experiences influenced your approach to therapy and self-awareness?

What these experiences have taught me is that we are all a part of a huge Divine tapestry that weaves throughout the universe and every one of us, regardless of our background or our culture, are intricately connected. My work takes me across the globe and the more you travel the more open you are to people and their customs.

You become increasingly more humble because you are more aware of the vastness of the world and all its beauty.

You gain an insight into other lives and it is impossible not to learn new ways of living.

I have learnt the healing arts from hermits, danced with dervishes, lectured with the most respected and knowledgable professors in their field, sat with royalty, and eaten with the wise, and each one taught me the magnificence of human nature.

Your ability to bring together inspirational influences into music, words, and transformative therapy is truly remarkable. Can you share with us how you integrate these elements to create a powerful and profound balance of positive awakening?

Music is the mystery that abides in the soul. It has the power to transform every person that it touches, in ways that are unexplainable.

My love of music started at a very young age when I listened to many different genres and especially classical music, and world music was my favourite, as both have the ability to stir something deep inside of me, and to give me the freedom to express my words, as I was a very shy child and words were sometimes difficult to say.

I found that if you sat with someone and listened to music together, especially that you all loved, the connection between you became stronger and it was easier to gain friendships that were sincere and long-lasting.

When you listen to music with someone, you can feel and see the depths of who they are and I realised from an early age that music had to be part of my everyday life.

Later as I got older I discovered that putting music and words together opened a magical world that can bring healing and an acceptance of one’s real self, through gentle reminders that knock on the door of the heart, and then I knew I had to incorporate music into my work.

Using sound and music therapy is a powerful method of releasing age-old energies and emotions in order to bring about transformation.

As I began to work alongside various musicians and singers, who I collaborate with on a regular basis, I saw a huge change in my clients and patients, that only music could do, and I then weaved my therapy work within the scopes of music and sound.

Your teachings often emphasise the importance of healing from within. How do you encourage individuals to tap into their inner strength and resilience during challenging times?

Unless we delve deep within ourselves it is impossible to find any answers or true tranquility.

If we rely on external factors for solace and peace it becomes an impossible mission and one begins to be filled with anxiety and fear, as the outside world is ever-changing and it is always a place filled with turbulence and angst if you look for it, but there is also a remarkable beauty as well.

Our saving grace is to gain an inner balance where we see all that’s happening, and although we may have no control over it, we have the power to change how we look at a situation.

It is important for us to become self-reliant in these times, to find a way where we can reach an inner equilibrium that is not disturbed through outside forces.

Taking one day at a time is paramount and realising that we can only ever be here in the present moment at any given time.

The past is somewhere where we can only walk with our memories never with our footsteps, the future is an unknown land, yet we stand on the bridge of the now, and only there we can make a difference.

How does it feel to know that your words have such a significant impact on others’ lives?

I feel incredibly blessed and humbled and strive always to do better.

I still hear the words of some of the wisest people I’ve met.

Every person has a profound wisdom inside of them, everyone can teach us something, and words are a powerful force, they have the ability to change lives, so we must always be in a state of awareness of how we speak to others and be mindful of only ever speaking our heartfelt truth.

Intention is what matters, our whole life moves according to our intention.

Your passion for helping others achieve fulfillment and confidence is truly admirable. Can you share some practical tips for individuals looking to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and personal growth?

I would say the first thing is to ask oneself what doesn’t make you happy, then you have made your journey easier.

Then see what brings you peace, which actions, which places, anything that gives you a sense of peace in your heart, is usually the right path.

We all have an inner compass that guides us.

Some call it a gut feeling, some the soul, and it is this that shows us the right path.

If we stray from that path, it is then that we have feelings of unease, fear and uncertainty.

There is a different road for every person on the planet, what is important is to find our calling and our vocation.

Begin with the things that bring you joy, respect yourself enough to walk away from everything that disrespects your soul, show yourself that you are sincere in your pursuits of finding inner peace and love, and slowly you will begin a beautiful relationship with your heart and soul.



Your dedication to spreading positivity and empowerment is evident in everything you do. How do you maintain a sense of balance and well-being in your own life while uplifting others?

That is a wonderful question and an important one.

I think that recognising our own fragile state as a human being is a step towards looking after ourselves.

There is a wave in the world now where people seem to be self-centered and care only about themselves, but in fact, this is not so. There has never been a time like this where actually no one hardly is looking after themselves, they don’t value their presence in this world, this is the sad truth.

The desperation of loneliness of people can be seen in their eyes, calling out to others in the desperation to be recognised for who they really are.

Therefore when I look at others I see a mirror, and vice versa, we are all reflections of one another.

This gives me an untold humbleness and keeps my life in check, knowing that I owe it to myself and others to stay balanced.

Spending time in nature is the most wonderful thing and this brings me to my roots.

Whether that be the woods, the mountains, the oceans, or even the garden.

Our nature is to be in the natural world, we are part of Earth and it is this that grounds us, gives us balance, and becomes a pivot point in our life.

Ultimately my faith is what gives me the power to do all that I do.

Your work encompasses a wide array of therapies and complementary medicine. Are there any specific modalities or techniques that you find particularly effective or transformative?

Everything that I do in my work, I completely believe in, or else I wouldn’t do it.

Whether that be music therapy, breath work, acupuncture, or psychotherapy, to name but a few of the therapies that I do, all have their specific beauty and benefits.

It’s good to remember that what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s the case of everyone being unique in their needs, and each person is different and we must respect that we are all on different journeys and on different levels of understanding.

Your journey as a motivational speaker has taken you around the globe. Can you share some memorable moments or experiences from your speaking engagements that have left a lasting impression on you?

Every place that I speak in has its own magic. 

Every person that I engage with has something to share and somehow there is an exchange of silent wisdom that’s actually communicating beyond words.

There are many memorable moments and experiences.

One of them would be with the Bedouins, where it was totally unplanned for me to speak to them as a group, I was used to them sharing their knowledge, but they asked me to speak to them about why I found solace and inspiration in the deserts, when my work was so involved with people.

One night we were sitting around a fire along the Silk Road, one of my favourite roads I have to say, and one side of the road was filled with a million stars, and the other side had a thunderstorm and was being showered with lightning, I have never seen such incredible beauty.

And all I could answer is that the universe we see outside of us is actually the reflection of the Divine within us.

The desert allows the soul space to fly freely amongst the dunes.

It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t assume who you are; it guides us to become part of the carpet of existence and become part of everything.

We all wept at that moment, and one of the Bedouins said:

“Thank you for letting us see the world through your eyes, it has given us a window to another part of us”.

I will forever be grateful to them and to the desert for this unbelievable moment.

Your legacy as a respected motivational and self-awareness teacher is already well-established. Looking ahead, what are some of your aspirations and goals for the future?

I am moved by the One who guides the stars and the planets, and I’m forever ready to be guided by Him as to what to do next.

I am a mere mortal, it is not me who decides my destiny, it is the One who works through me.

If He says write, then He inspires me, and if He says move then I move.

We must believe that we are vessels of a greater and higher power and that all we do, is because of love.

Mimi, it was such a pleasure having you with us today. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Follow your heart and you will never lose your way.

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