John Consalvo’s album “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” is a release you cannot miss!

John Consalvo's album is an authentic masterpiece of contemporary Rock music!

“Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” is a collection of ten brilliant tracks, that one after the other, escort the listeners towards new exciting soundscapes in a musical journey that digs into ourselves, waking up feelings and emotions one melody at a time!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his album “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” and discover more about the art of this talented musician!

Many years have passed since his debut album “Choose This Day,” released in 2005, giving this talented artist the time to reflect, change, learn, and clear his mind. Bringing the same tasteful songwriting to the next level, John’s new album is a true manifestation of his artistic growth and maturity.

“We’re Here” opens the album with intriguing guitar riffs, an exciting crescendo, and a powerful vocal performance that, always on point, captivates the listeners from the first second to the last! We find the same energy also in the colorful “Troubles of the World,” with its engaging rhythmics and suggestive lyrics! The album proceeds with the beautiful melodies of “Somebody Tell Me,” an excellent Rock ballad that will make all the fans of the most inspired Skid Row and Bon Jovi very happy.

Pounding drums, powerful vocals, and shredding guitar riffs are some of the pillars that sustain the excellent “Matter” and “Before the Beast (She Throws Down),” two gems of modern alternative rock! John Consalvo not only knows what he is doing, but he also knows how to execute flawlessly what his creativity shapes! The perfect balance between his songwriting and his performances makes the whole album flow smoothly, making the listeners be part of the entire musical project!

The beautiful acoustic guitars of “Lucaidees” and “Humbling Myself” show the versatility of an artist who focuses on the inner essence of music, its meaning, and the narrative behind each track. “Homestead” and the single “Open the Sea” are other examples of Consalvo’s vibrant creativity, with their Outlaw Rock enriched with grunge and progressive hard rock riffs, a style that makes him stand out from the crowd! The adrenaline flies up to the roof once again with the excellent “Who Done It?” exciting and energetic track that closes the circle of this incredible “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered!” John Consalvo spoiled us with a great release, proving that authentic Rock music is still alive and kicking!

A big bravo also goes to talented multi-instrumentalist/producer Tyler Mays & Irongrove Studios for the stellar production and to the metronomic rhythmic engine of drummer Cade Legat. “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” is an album you cannot miss, and we can’t wait for Part B to be released!

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