Maddison Falls: Emerging Indie Rock Sensation Releases Captivating Single “Both Sides”

In the bustling indie rock scene of Los Angeles, a new duo has emerged, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts with their exceptional talent and fresh sound. Maddison Falls, composed of teenage artists Julien Fiore (lead vocals/drums) and Joel Soto (lead guitar), stands out thanks to a unique sound and incredible artistic vision.

Their excellent single, “Both Sides,” released in April 2024, is an incredible track that showcases their unique blend of indie rock with grunge vibes. The journey of Maddison Falls began at NAMM, a major music convention in 2023. Julien and Joel met and instantly bonded over their eclectic tastes and shared passion for songwriting. Their connection was immediate and profound, leading them to what would become Maddison Falls.

“Both Sides” is a brilliant track that showcases the duo’s incredible creativity and artistry. Julien Fiore’s haunting and memorable vocal lines are perfectly complemented by Joel Soto’s powerful guitar riffs and solos. The solid rhythms and dynamic instrumentation create a captivating soundscape that draws listeners in from the first note. The lyrics are both profound and relatable, adding depth to the song’s overall impact. Despite their young age, Julien and Joel exhibit an artistic maturity that is truly remarkable.


Maddison Falls is poised to leave a significant mark in the contemporary rock music scene worldwide. With a steady stream of new releases and content scheduled for this year and beyond, Julien and Joel are dedicated to sharing their music with the world and cementing their place in the contemporary rock scene. “Both Sides” is a declaration of Maddison Falls’ arrival and a glimpse into the bright future that lies ahead for this talented duo. Their journey is just beginning, and there’s no doubt that they will continue to captivate and inspire listeners with their exceptional music.

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