Fitness Tips for Singers: How to Keep Your Body (And Your Voice) in Peak Condition

Singing involves more than just your vocal cords and your skill; it’s a physical endeavour that requires you to be in your best condition overall to perform at your peak. In fact, singing and moderate brisk walking have similar physiological demands on your lungs, so your body’s state is crucial for maintaining proper endurance. Most people may not see the need for exercise in singing, but it can make a difference in your performance and capabilities in the long run.

That isn’t to say that singing is reserved for the fittest. There’s no height, weight, or wellness requirement for singers to adhere to, but it does help to be in tune with your body’s well-being to help you stay on top of your game when you’re practising or performing. Here’s why it’s crucial to stay fit as a singer and tips on how to keep your body and voice in peak condition:

Why do singers need to stay fit?

If you’re a singer, you’ve likely heard how crucial it is to keep your voice healthy. One way you’re advised to do that is by pursuing healthy habits, and that goes for your whole body. Singers use up a lot of energy when performing. Having enough stamina and endurance with the help of regular exercise can keep you going for longer, whether singing on a stage, in a studio or even practising at home. Your heart, lungs, and strength endurance are all enhanced by fitness, allowing your voice to get the support it needs from your body. You’ll be able to find the proper breath support and keep from tiring out quickly.

Another great benefit of fitness is that it helps with regulating stress. Physical activity is excellent for relaxing your body and mind, so you aren’t as tense or worried when singing. It helps clear your mind so you stay attuned to yourself and give your body what it needs to remain in peak condition.

How to keep fit

Exercise on days that you sing

If you’re having trouble keeping an exercise schedule, one way to stay on track is to exercise on days you sing. Not only will it help with creating a routine, but it has benefits for your voice and condition, too. Physical activity can help relieve tension and loosen up your muscles, which is great if you’re gearing up for a performance. Exercising for 30 minutes is a big help; just be careful not to overexert yourself or work out too close to your singing time so you aren’t exhausted. Hydrate properly and cool down after exercising to avoid tension.

Join a weight loss workshop

Finding a starting point for fitness can be difficult, much less the drive to stay motivated. However, having the proper support from a weight loss workshop can make a big difference in your fitness journey. These workshops can connect you to coaches and like-minded people who can advise and encourage you. You can easily look up “weight loss workshops near me” and find various results to choose from and look into. You also have the choice to attend virtual and in-person meetings for added flexibility. A benefit of these workshops is that their sole focus isn’t just weight loss; they provide guidance on sustainable health habits while ensuring self-compassion—important yet often overlooked aspects of fitness. As a singer, you can make your needs known to your group so they can help take note of how to help you best.

Find the right activity for you

The best way to stay consistent with fitness is to find an exercise you love and enjoy; you’re more likely to stick to it that way and avoid unnecessary stress. Aerobic exercises, in particular, are some of the best workouts for singers. They help develop heart and lung function and keep your endurance high. Walking, jogging, cycling, and dancing are great exercises that can keep you in peak condition, physically and vocally. Swimming is also another top choice for singers. Many swimmers benefit from increased lung capacity and strength, which can greatly help your singing technique. If you have fun with it and see progress from it, it’s an exercise worth pursuing.

If you are a singer and concerned about your fitness, we hope the above article proves useful.