Magnus Deus Explores New Soundscapes With Their Album “Dusk till Dawn” – Exclusive Review

Intense and captivating, "Dusk till Dawn" is the result of meticulous sound research, excellent songwriting, and a clear artistic vision.

Magnus Deus’ project can be defined as a musical and personal journey that, through inspired and emotive harmonic structures, captures the listeners’ attention and digs into their deepest feelings and memories, interpreting human emotions with outstanding precision.

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of sharing with you, Magnus Deus’ album “Dusk till Dawn,” and discovering more about the artistic vision behind such a great release!


“Dusk till Dawn” is an impressive collection of 19 tracks where we can explore the vivid and colorful artistic creativity behind Magnus Deus. With the collaboration of talented artists such as Mark Holiday, Summer Son, Kelly Holiday, Jess Burciaga, and Trendsetter the whole album presents songs that blend the most traditional Electronica vibes, with that contemporary Hip-Hop, EDM and revisited Synthwave that captivate the listeners from the first second to the last.


Some of the unforgettable episodes of the tracklist are the experimental opening track “808 & Heartbreak, “the intense “Crazy,” the brilliant “Hope,” and, of course, the memorable title track “Dusk till Dawn,” to name a few. We highly recommend Magnus Deus not only to those hardcore lovers and nostalgic of 80s Synthwave but to all lovers of electronic music due to the complexity and refined experimental approach of this project!

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