MATTHEW AUSTIN HUNT – “Bye London Bye” Exclusive Review!

Some music is meant to stay, forever like a picture that frames a moment for eternity. Today we have the pleasure to listen to one of these tracks, and we are very excited to share with you Matthew Austin Hunt’s latest single “Bye London Bye”, an emotional track that will resonate deeply with the listeners, carrying them far away.

Matthew Austin Hunt is an American singer and songwriter with incredible charisma, a warm voice, and outstanding interpretative skills. When his grandfather, a Los Angeles recording artist in the late 1940s, bought him his first guitar he discovered his love for music, which has been vivid and strong since then, even if,  as often happens, life made him push the pause button on his music career, till now!

“Bye London Bye” is a very intense country ballade that, thanks to Matthew’s outstanding performance behind the microphone, will engage the listener since the first seconds. Hunt’s voice is warm and deep in the low notes of the first verses and powerful and strong on the highest part of the last chorus. The beautiful lyrics tell a story that supported by a great arrangement and some very talented musicians, will remain in your mind for a long time!

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