Nacre – A Journey into pure artistry – Exclusive Interview!

There is music to entertain, music to relax, music to remember, and music to celebrate. Then there is that kind of music that not only engages, comforts, feeds your memories, but it also lifts your spirit, healing your soul, and finds its way through the listeners, making them part of something bigger, beautiful, and undiscovered. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to Nacre’s album, “Levitation,” and discover more about her artistic journey with an exclusive interview with this talented and unique artist!


Hi Nacre, it is such a pleasure having you with us at Planet Singer today! Your music stands out, so we are pretty excited to know more about your artistic journey. Let’s start from the beginning; when did your love for music start?

Hi, thank you for having me! It’s a real pleasure to spend some time with you and I want to say that love the title of your website. As far as I can remember I have always loved music. Even as a child, my parents told me that as soon as there music was playing, I stopped everything to listen.

Your voice is truly beautiful; what is your relationship with it? Did you attend vocal lessons, or are you a natural talent?

I started singing very young, my family encouraged me early to start and at 14 years old I was in classical singing lessons and did all my university training in Baroque singing. I was lucky to get good professors who believed in me along the way and I still appreciate that today.

Your music, like your voice, is very ethereal yet profound and emotional. Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration usually takes root in raw emotions, nature, beautiful landscapes. Sometimes it’s just a sound that will inspire me a complete world and then I will start composing and singing non stop until it’s written and recorded. It can take the whole night, the whole week, but it has to be now while the emotion is still with me.

All the eleven tracks of “Levitation” seem somehow linked to one another like chapters of a book. Starting from the first track, “White Birds,” the perfect introduction for the album. Can you tell us more about this song?

This song is really luminous, bright; it’s a song to bring us all together and start the journey in the album. The birds lead us to look up, higher than our day-to-day life; it’s a song that lifts us up. I chose those bright instruments and sounds to add clarity in this very organic piece. It’s probably the brightest piece in the album, in contrast to a darker “Sitting on the Mountain” that we can find later.

Talking about inspiration and influences, can you reveal what your songwriting process is? The whole release sound very natural and fluid, almost instinctive.

You are absolutely right that the pieces really need to sound natural and fluid for me. I spend hours refining each line until everything flows like I want. It needs to be look like waves on the surface of a calm lake. My songwriting process is also very natural, I have lots of ideas every day, but I don’t force myself into writing, I just let the most intense idea guide me to writing and recording.

What do you think about the contemporary music scene?

I am always interested in discovering new sounds and colors. I really like that today, anybody can have a voice and present their ideas to the world.

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I am lucky that I can collaborate with various composers, and every time it’s fascinating to enter their universe; I love that. I am passionate about film and video game scores, and I would love to sing in soundtracks for composers I admire. Also, I would love to meet and sing with Enya! I have also dreamt about singing lines on Pink Floyd songs, by the way the entry of “War for the Earth” is my homage to them.

Your album “Levitation” incorporates vibes and sonorities that span from ambient to electronic, but there is much more in it. Can you tell us more about it?

The album is really colorful, each piece is its own unique world, like a painting. I usually have some nature sounds because they inspire me and then I have chosen very varied instruments. I can use the whole orchestra like in “Whales at Dawn” or no instruments at all like in “Song for my Friend”. In the first one, I am expressing that everything is possible, the strength and the beauty of nature, a beauty as far as we can see. And in the other, we are in front of the great mystery of death, all of this silence, creates an atmosphere between us alone and the immensity of the universe; it’s very primal. So yes, the vibes and sonorities are very varied throughout the album, and they are all connected to each other. At the end of listening to the album, we have traveled, explored a lot and we should feel that we are back with ourselves living in the present.

What are your plans for the future?

I am always writing new songs, but I also love classical singing, so I
I am recording a Gregorian chant album with my own arrangements and ambiance, more on that in a couple of months!

It was such a pleasure discovering more about your artistic journey and your music, and we can’t wait for your next release! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks a lot for this interview; I really appreciate you taking the time
to listen and asking such relevant questions. I would love to hear what your readers think about my music, so feel free to reach out!

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Spotify: Nacre

Bandcamp: Levitation

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