NIGHT WOLF – “The Distraction” Exclusive Review!

The real beauty of music doesn’t reside in its style, genre, or sonorities; there is much more behind what music is; it is that driving force that steals our attention, creates and evocates memories, and engages deeply with the listeners. Some artists know the real power of music, and thanks to their versatility and creativity, can create and shape songs that, regardless of the genre and use, will always find their way to stand out. Artists like Night Wolf have this rare gift and incredibly prolific artist whose music defeats genres’ boundaries. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest album, “The Distraction,” seventeen tracks that will keep you engaged from the first one to the last!


Ryan Wilcox, Aka Night Wolf, is a talented songwriter, producer, and creative from Luton, UK. Strong of an experimental vein, he shaped his sound, incorporating the best vibes of electronic music, mixed with electro-pop, trip-hop, and much more. Night Wolf already has an incredible music curriculum behind his back. He produced music for Fox Sports, Sky Sports, DR2, RTL2, advertisements, and documentaries, to name a few of his collaborations and projects. Wolf goes beyond the limits of genres with his new release, blending in his songs, styles, and sonorities from different kinds of music, creating that perfect mix that is his trademark sound!

“The Distraction” is a great release. Starting from the opening track “Stay Put,” feat Farisha, you can feel the enormous work done on the sound research, a balance between sounds and atmospheres, that only an experienced producer and musician is capable of. From the energetic first song, we move smoothly to the intense “Bleeding Out Your Love,” a fantastic song result of the collaboration with talented artist AMRA. The deep vibes and catchy rhythms of “Good For Me,” feat Elsadie and her incredible vocals, show once again the versatility of Night Wolf and his artistic maturity! Song by song, we discover new arrangements, vibes, shades, and colors that, like chapters of a book we wish will never end, break down the boundary between dream and reality.

Words cannot describe such a complete, diverse, experimental, and kaleidoscopic release such as “The Distraction.” This is more than an album; it is a collection of gems of modern music, a musical journey that song by song leads the listener towards new soundscapes and unexplored musical horizons. A plethora of collaborations with amazing artists, fantastic songwriting, modern arrangements, and outstanding production make this release one of the best releases of 2020. “The Distraction” is one of those albums everyone should listen to, and we can’t wait for Night Wolf’s next release!

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Bandcamp: nightwolfuk

Soundcloud: nightwolfuk

Youtube: Night Wolf

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Facebook: nightwolfuk

Soundcloud: nightwolfuk

Twitter: nightwolfuk

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