OH WELL – “Us” Exclusive Review!

In the nowadays overcrowded music scene, it has become rarer and rarer to find true, genuine, unique talents, those that can combine incredible artistry, with charisma and ability to entertain. Oh well, here it is! Oh Well is back with a new single “Us”, a powerful track that resonates with the listeners from the very first seconds till the last one!

Oh Well is a music project led by Ryan Oswald, that see the collaboration of talented artists and producers to create a unique blend of progressive pop and EDM, and much more. The unique blend of styles is the trademark of Oh Well, together with the incredible ability to turn the real-life experiences into lyrics. Following their latest EP “Forging a False Reality”, “Us” is going to mark a new chapter in the career of these interesting musicians.

Oh Well’s latest single “Us” is a very engaging track that steals the listener’s attention since the first lines. The powerful and direct lyrics, together with the outstanding performance and interpretation of Oswald make of this song a rare gem in its genre.

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Instagram:  ohwell_music

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