RicoXmafioso’s debut single, “Treating You Right,” Out on October 29, 2021!

We had the pleasure of listening to RicoXmafioso's upcoming debut single, an exclusive preview that reveals the incredible work and artistic maturity of an artist similar to no one else in the industry!

RicoXmafioso is one of those talents you recognize from the first seconds of his music. Iconic and captivating, his song leaves a deep sign into the listeners, resonating with a broad audience thanks to its lyrics’ genuine and honest approach, the brilliant production, and RicoXmafioso’s stellar songwriting skills!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of sharing with you some thoughts about this talented artist and his music, waiting for this excellent track to hit the digital platform worldwide!


The first thought that came into my mind after listening to the track for the first time is that this song has all it takes to climb the Hip-Hop and R&B charts! Starting with beautiful acoustic guitar riffs, deep bass lines, and catchy rhythm, the song introduces us to RicoXmafioso’s excellent performance, a dynamic mix of R&B vocals, intense rap, and beautiful vocal harmonies. With brilliant production and a minimal yet powerful arrangement, this track catapults us back to the golden era of Hip-Hop. RicoXmafioso couldn’t release a better debut single. “Treating You Right” ticks all the boxes of what real Hip-Hop should be, and we can’t wait for the official release, set for October 29, and hopefully, it will be followed by more singles and a full-length release anytime soon!


Check the links below, discover more about RicoXmafioso and his music, and don’t forget to pre-save and add his track to your playlists!

Instagram: RicoXMafioso

Instagram: thefiftyshadesofblack

Facebook: Rico Gabon

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