Ruby Rose Fox’s New Single “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky” is Out on October 20, 2023

We had the pleasure of listening to a preview of Ruby Rose Fox's upcoming single "A Carpetbagger's Ode To Rocky," a song that convinces from the first note to the last and captivates the listeners in a way only Ruby Rose Fox can.

Ruby Rose Fox, the talented singer-songwriter known for her powerhouse vocals and poignant storytelling, is set to release her latest single, “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky,” on October 20, 2023. This soul-stirring song is a testament to Ruby’s musical prowess and her ability to seamlessly blend various genres, creating a truly unique and memorable musical experience.

The song begins with a grand vocal harmony that immediately captures the listener’s attention. Ruby’s velvety and soulful voice takes center stage in the verses, drawing the audience into the heart of the narrative. The arrangement is dynamic and powerful, with slow-tempo rhythms providing the perfect backdrop for Ruby’s commanding vocals.


Ruby Rose Fox’s music defies easy categorization. In “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky,” she masterfully merges elements of rock, hard rock, pop, and blues. This fusion of genres creates a sonic landscape that is both captivating and unforgettable. Ruby’s ability to traverse these musical territories with finesse showcases her artistry and versatility. “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky” has a remarkable origin story. It was conceived in a cop car in rural Alabama on Christmas Eve in 2018, following a chilling encounter with Ruby’s own family. The catalyst for this incident was a pamphlet advocating the reporting of anyone disrespecting the Confederate flag, a stark reminder of the deep-seated tensions and divisions that persist in some parts of the country.

Producer Colin Sipos played a pivotal role in bringing Ruby’s vision to life. Together, they transformed the meaning of “Rocky Top” into a cinematic fever dream, where gospel and Annie Lennox-esque influences converge. The production invites listeners to confront despair and suggests that, rather than simply enduring, one can forge a new narrative, challenging the status quo.


Through all its darkness and introspection, “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky” carries a message of unwavering human spirit. It draws parallels to biblical tales of resilience and redemption, much like Jonah’s journey. The song’s core message is clear: the indomitable human spirit, though battered and bruised, cannot be extinguished. It will always emerge with hope and resilience.
Ruby Rose Fox’s latest single is proof of her versatility, musical innovation, and her commitment to using her platform to address important societal issues. “A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky” promises to be a soul-stirring odyssey that resonates deeply with listeners and leaves a lasting impact on the world of music.

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