SAVARRE’s new single, “Awake,” is OUT NOW! Exclusive Review!

When it comes to music, there aren't many as multi-talented as a singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist Shannon Denise Evans.

As the lead of her band SAVARRE and an eclectic blend of rock-based sounds that she’s ambitiously named ‘Spectra Rock,’ their music is set to leave a lasting impact. Their single, “Awake,” is another chapter in their fascinating sound, so join us for a full review.

The first thing that comes through is Shannon’s powerful voice, piercing straight through the mix and setting the mood for the song’s atmosphere. It’s incredibly commanding, getting your attention and keeping you there. It hooks you in without letting go, and it’s one of the song’s strongest points. That’s particularly impressive, considering all the other highlights of the tune.

Shannon’s songwriting, in particular, is quite impressive, as you’d expect from a novelist. Lyrically, “Awake” is a stellar showing of writing prowess, painting a vivid image with every word. Paired with her powerful vocal performance, you get an incredibly enticing package, and that’s now even getting into the instrumentation.

There’s so much to love when it comes to SAVARRE’s musical performance. From the subtle piano keys that accompany Shannon’s vocals early in the song to the immensely catchy basslines that hook you in, there’s plenty here to keep you listening. Guitars keep a solid melody going, and they also establish a dark, almost mysterious atmosphere. Perhaps the most impressive part is how they complement the vocals.

“Awake” has a fascinating vibe, where the music constantly keeps you on edge. It manages to keep this tense atmosphere but without any harsh instrumentation, as is typically used in music. It’s an impressive feat and one that’s creative as well as very much appreciated.

Instead of clashing and jostling for your attention, “Awake” instead brings harmony to the many harsh elements of rock music. Sonically, the way everything blends together, being distinct but still smooth and enjoyable, is satisfying to listen to. Everything bolsters the dark atmosphere of the song, really enrapturing the listener and engrossing them in the sound of the single.

Overall, “Awake” by SAVARRE is a fascinatingly enjoyable song, combining many different sounds into something new and fresh. There’s so much to experience between the rich arrangements, powerful songwriting, and excellent vocal performance. It’s the type of song that’s appreciable on the first listen but reveals layers of depth on repeated listens. Definitely a single you don’t want to miss out on!

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