STEPHEN GILBERT & GUILHERME WOLF – “Froduslent” Single Review!

It is always a big pleasure to discover new artists, especially when they are extremely talented! Stephen Gilbert and Guilherme Wolf are proof that real talent has no boundaries nor borders!

Guillherme Wolf is a very gifted singer and songwriter originally from São Paulo Brazil, while Stephen Gilbert is an outstanding musician and producer from Minnesota, USA! Together they created the song we have the big pleasure to review today. “Froduslent” is a powerful and incredibly dynamic song that hits your right from the start! If you like post-hardcore and the most authentic indie-punk this single must go in your daily playlist!

“Froduslent” begins with a very strong and catchy guitar riff, supported by a powerful rhythm and excellent work of the drums. Immediately after the introduction, the first verse starts with the great performance of Guillherme Wolf that behind the microphone surprises for the ability to change from very clean and evocative vocals of the verse to an incredibly strong distorted voice in the chorus. This track is perfectly balanced, and the arrangement frames perfectly the lyrics! A big bravo goes also to Stephen Gilbert for the outstanding work and the great production of this track!

Teamwork always pays, and in this case, we can’t wait to hear more music from these two talented artists!

Don’t miss the chance to discover more about Stephen Gilbert and Guillherme Wolf, check out their music at the links below!


Stephen Gilbert on Instagram: pliggot

Guilherme Wolf on Instagram: wolfguilherme

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