Talented Artist Ferny G Drops The Excellent EP “The Fernfest & A Sad Song” – Exclusive Review

In the dynamic landscape of emerging artists, one name that stands out is Ferny G, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter whose latest EP, "The Fernfest & A Sad Song," marks a fundamental chapter in his music career.

Released on November 11, 2023, under the DRAG VIBE label, the EP is a collection of five brilliant songs that, one after the other, captivate the listeners thanks to Ferny G’s versatility, creativity, and undeniable talent. The EP kicks off with the track “Don’t forget the keef & oil,” a seamless blend of Hip-Hop beats and R&B melodies. Ferny G’s ability to navigate through genres is evident from the first notes, setting the stage for a musical journey that defies easy categorization. The song’s strong melodic foundation, coupled with Ferny G’s distinctive vocals, creates an immersive experience for the listener.

“Problem is,” the second track on the EP, takes a more upbeat turn. Anchored by minimalistic beats and a memorable vocal melody, the song showcases Ferny G’s range and versatility. Its infectious tunes will, without a doubt, resonate with a very wide audience. As the EP unfolds, listeners are treated to the energetic “Soda’s addicting,” a track that ventures into different sonic territories; this eclectic mix not only highlights Ferny G’s musical prowess but also keeps the audience engaged and guessing about what comes next.


“Just a Dream” continues the exploration of genres, with Ferny G seamlessly incorporating R&B and jazzy elements. The track demonstrates his artistic versatility and his willingness to experiment and push boundaries within his music. The EP’s final track, “Why don’t you want me,” takes a soulful turn. The soothing acoustic guitars, coupled with Ferny G’s powerful lyrics, create a poignant atmosphere. This song, with its emotive delivery, showcases Ferny G’s songwriting depth and ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. The song is an acoustic outro that softly insinuates deep into the hearts of listeners. It serves as a poignant conclusion to an EP that captivates from start to finish, leaving an indelible mark on those who take the musical journey with Ferny G.


“The Fernfest & A Sad Song” is more than a collection of tracks; it’s one of the first sparks in the career of an artist who is unafraid to explore diverse sounds and emotions. With this EP, Ferny G has showcased his current talent and, most importantly, hinted at the promising heights his career might reach in the future. Keep an eye on this young artist, as he’s poised to leave a lasting impact on the music scene.

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