Talented Artist Bunny Daniels Brings Her Refined Touch To Contemporary R&B and Pop!

"Mrs.Perfect," Bunny Daniels' latest single, brings a fresh creativity stream to the whole R&B music panorama!

Released on January 23rd, “Mrs.Perfect” is one of those tracks everyone should listen to! Through meaningful lyrics, powerful narrative, and direct and honest songwriting, talented Bunny Daniels delivered one of the best Pop-R&B releases of 2023 so far!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of listening to her latest single, diving into the world of this talented artist with this exclusive review!


It takes just one verse of “Mrs.Perfect” to understand the incredible work done on the song. The brilliant arrangement makes the track flow smoothly from the first second to the last, allowing Bunny’s refined and warm voice to captivate the listeners with an outstanding performance behind the microphone.

Her artistic journey is a path many R&B, Pop, Blues, and Soul legends have walked when starting their careers. The experience of the local Church choir instilled in her a love for music and artistic consciousness that, growing into artistic awareness, put her in the right direction to become, after years of self-discovery and hard work, the incredible artist she is now.


Gifted with a unique and memorable voice, we have no doubts Bunny Daniels has a flourishing career in front of her, and we can’t wait for her next releases, and maybe, a full-length album soon!

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Spotify: Bunny Daniels

YouTube: Bunny Daniels