Talented Artist Heartdestroyer’s New Single “Hello Kitty B*tches” is OUT NOW! Exclusive Review!

With their new single, Heartdestroyer confirms their polyhedric and versatile artistic vision in a song that, through direct and genuine lyrics, frames our society and contemporary cultures with crystal clear precision!

Heartdestroyer use their anonymity not as a way of hiding, but as a tool to completely free their music from all sort of filters and preconstructed ideas. Their new single, “Hello Kitty B*tches,” is proof of a deep understanding of the world around them, and a clear artistic vision and sound research that culminates in a sound that makes Heartdestroyer stand out.

With an exciting chorus that borrows the melody from Vengaboy’s Hit “Boom Boom Boom Boom,” the song reaches its climax with a new arrangement, turning the Dance Hit melody into a hyper-pop and electro-punk interpretation, still keeping its fun and exciting appeal.


Heartdestroyer may not make mainstream music that bends to the industry over polished standards, and this is a good thing for artists who want to keep their vision and creativity free from the often sterile contemporary music standardizations. “Hello Kitty B*tches” is a great track for all lovers of hyperpop, punk, chiptune, house, and EDM, and we can’t wait for Heartdestroyer’s next releases!

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