Talented Artist Of Vizions Releases Two New Single, “Your Love Gives Me Wings” and “Wonderland!”

Gifted with incredible versatility and a style like no others, Of Vizions, is back with two new captivating tracks, the intense "Your Love Gives Me Wings" and the energetic "Wonderland!"

American performer Brandon Apgar, known professionally as Of Vizions, has a natural talent for turning real-life experiences that resonate with his listeners into memorable melodies, direct lyrics, and genuine arrangements. With an energetic live presence, Of Vizions gives himself completely to his audience, turning his shows into unforgettable experiences.

We are excited to share with you some of his latest releases, two songs that enrich the already brilliant discography of this talented artist.


Beautiful guitar arpeggios open “Your Love Gives Me Wings,” followed by the rhythmic crescendo of the verses. The excellent lyrics take form thanks to Of Vizions’ outstanding performance that explode in the choruses of this vibrant track. Linkin Park vibes and Pop-Rock arrangements make this song a rare gem of contemporary music!


“Wonderland” is the perfect example of Of Vizions’ versatility! Starting with a modern synth sound, the songs transition from the Pop-EDM arrangement of intro and verse towards the Alternative Rock, Nu Metal that makes Of Vizions’ sound so unique, versatile, and recognizable. The top-level production gives life to the sophisticated songwriting, making both tracks flow smoothly from start to finish!


We also suggest to go listen to Of Vizions’ other excellent releases from this year, brilliant songs such as “Foxy,” and the powerful “Stay a Memory!” Of Vizions is one of those artists whose music takes the listeners towards new soundscapes, and we can’t wait for his next release, and hopefully, a new full-length release!

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