Talented Artist Zachary Campos Announces New Indie Rock Anthem “Traffic”

Zachary Campos, the multifaceted MC, singer, and songwriter known for his eclectic blend of indie rock and alternative rap, is gearing up to unleash his latest single. With the excellent new track titled "Traffic," Campos takes aim at the frustrations of daily highway commutes and the chaos of reckless drivers.

Set to be featured on his upcoming album Funky MC, “Traffic,” available Friday, March 29th, serves as a fiery anthem born out of real-life experiences behind the wheel. Inspired by the likes of James Taylor’s “Traffic Jam” and drawing influences from iconic acts such as the Beastie Boys, Ramones, and Blink 182, Campos infuses his signature style with raw energy and unapologetic attitude. The result is a hard-hitting track that resonates with anyone who has ever found themselves stuck in gridlock, yearning for escape through music.

Produced by Josh Zuckermann and Tim J Abbott, “Traffic” boasts a dynamic sonic landscape characterized by infectious guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and Campos’ distinct vocal delivery. With its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, the song invites listeners to join Campos on a cathartic journey through the highs and lows of navigating the open road.


Accompanied by captivating artwork by Santiago Diaz, “Traffic” captures the essence of Campos’ artistic vision, offering a glimpse into the larger narrative of his upcoming album. Drawing inspiration from video games like Jet Set Radio Future and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Campos infuses his music with a sense of urgency and momentum, propelling listeners into a world where every beat and melody tells a story.

As the release date for “Funky MC” draws near, “Traffic” serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come from talented Zachary Campos. With its infectious energy and creative spirit, the single sets the stage for an album that promises to push boundaries and defy expectations. So buckle up and prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other, as Zachary Campos invites you to join him on the road to self-discovery and artistic exploration.

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