ZAINA BERRI – “Stop” Exclusive Review!

It is always a big pleasure listening to natural and authentic artists, especially when their music is representative of incredible talent. Today at Planet Singer we had the chance to listen to Zaina Berri’s latest single “Stop”, a track that surprises not only for the incredible quality and maturity of the talent of such a young artist but also for the incredible work in the production of this release.

Zaina Berri is one of those rare artists that find in music a way to relate with the world, exquisite singer and songwriter, Zaina love for music started when she was very young. Tens of songs written, she learned how to play the guitar and the piano and her singing is just unbelievable. With her new single “Stop”, a beautiful Korean-English ballad, she has all the number to climb the charts!

“Stop” is proof of the maturity of Zaina both as a songwriter and as a recording artist. This song is a real gem. Starting from her outstanding performance behind the microphone, Zaina has the incredible ability to capture the attention of the listeners and carry them far away, interpreting every single word magnificently. It is incredible how accurate and precise are both production and performance. “Stop” is one of those tracks you would expect from a major artist. This is proof that Zaina Berri is ready for a step forward in her music career.

Zaina Berri, despite her young age, has already found her sound, her unique style, and her trademark. “Stop” is the first single from her upcoming debut mini-album “Nothing Everything”, out this Spring, 2020. Strong of the collaboration with an incredible team, we can’t wait to listen to this talented singer’s next release!

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