ZION ANTONI “Sion (Concrete)” Exclusive Review!

Have you ever listened to something so unique, you really cannot classify it in any existing genres, and at the same time, it fits multiple genres so perfectly that it sounds like a completely new kind of music? Well, this was the first feeling I had when I listened to Zion Antoni’s music, and today, at Planet Singer, we have the opportunity to listen to his latest EP “Sion (Concrete)”, a release that will keep you engaged from the first track to the last one!

Zion Antoni is a talented rapper, songwriter, recording artist and producer from the Bronx, NY. His approach is so honest, direct, and raw that it makes him one of the most interesting artists in his genre. His ability to blend soulful lyrics and engaging bases are proof of his artistic maturity.

“Sion (Concrete)” is a fantastic record. The first track “Black Jesus” with the chill and soulful base, will take you far away. Intense lyrics carry a strong message that goes straight to the point thanks to Zion’s incredible interpretation behind the microphone. Tracks such as the energetic “DICE”, the intensity of “SALEEM” and the engaging rhythm of “Tormenta” with its beautiful base, frame Zion Antoni’s rapping creating a suggestive and unique experience for the listener. “Blackradio/Cidade”, with the beautiful piano of the first verse and the raw lyrics is a true Rap gem! The last track of the EP “M.I.B.O.A.W” closes the circle leaving the listener surrounded by thoughts, deep emotions, and an unstoppable need to play the whole EP again and again!

Check the links below and discover more about Zion Antoni and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Official Website: www.zionantoni.com

Facebook: urbancry1978

Spotify: Zion Antoni

Soundcloud: Zion Antoni

Twitter: blacklion781

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