ADAM PLANT – “Window Peep Runs For Mayor” Exclusive Review!

Among all forms of arts, Music is probably the most abstract, living complete freedom of interpretation to the listeners that, digging into their fantasy and memory, give life inside their minds to a projection dictated by the artist. In this sense, Music is an excellent tool for creatives like Adam Plant to create stories and imaginary characters that will both entertain and surprise the listeners with fantastic melodies and refined sound choices. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to Adam Plant’s latest single “Window Peep Runs For Mayor,” a track that will keep you engaged from the first second to the last!

Adam Plant is a talented multimedia artist, filmmaker, music composer, discount-author, songwriter, and founder of the record label EEZY SLEEZ. Gifted with explosive creativity, Adam shapes his sound, including the best sonorities of Jazz, Rock, Big Band, and Avant-Garde, into an experimental and engaging mix that is the trademark sound of his compositions.

“Window Peep Runs For Mayor” is an exciting track that anticipates Plant’s upcoming album “The Lonesome Legend Of Window Peep.” In this concept album, Adam takes us into the world of Window Peep, a perverted little man who creeps through the night with intentions to peep on his victims. Each track of the album follows, just like a chapter of a novel, a precise moment from his life, describing his obscene adventures.

Groovy bass lines and a Jazz piano riff open the track, followed by a kaleidoscope of melodies and vibrant rhythms, on the edge of madness, just like the album’s main character. Exciting and irreverent, the song is a rollercoaster of notes, brass sounds, and strings alternate, creating compelling soundscapes that perfectly portray Window Peep and his atrocities! “Window Peep Runs For Mayor” is a masterpiece, and we can’t wait for the full album to be released!

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Adam Plant may seem like yer typical ugly art guy who does typical ugly art, but this simply isn’t true… he also has a dirty little mustache (so that has to mean something, right?) Since 2015, Adam has worked as a multimedia artist, filmmaker, music composer, discount-author, and founder of the record label EEZY SLEEZ. Over the years, Adam has collaborated with numerous visual artists, produced albums alongside musicians such as Hardy Slerg Wamon, and produced solo works, including a sitcom about milk. With this in mind, Adam’s latest solo album ‘The Lonesome Legend Of Window Peep’ takes a drastic turn towards “sooper serious classical music.”

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