MRVN – “Empty” Exclusive Review!

When we talk about music, we refer to a kind of art that is regularly part of our lives, shaping our memories and emotions, like a soundtrack of our lives. Some of us live music from the outside, enjoying the feelings that come from listening to our favorite artists, or through the empathy of a movie’s soundtrack. Others, those gifted with a musical soul like talented artist MRVN, in addition to their enormous gift, have the immense responsibility of creating new music, new genres, new life-experiences. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to “Empty,” an impressive track from a talented artist that, despite the young age, shows an incredible artistic maturity!


As a child, MRVN learned to play drums and keyboards and is now a versatile composer, performer, and above all, a brilliant producer of digital music. Originally from Germany, his style is exciting, engaging, and extremely captivating. Techno music, EDM, Elettronica, and much more, MRVN’s sound is a dynamic combination of the best sonorities of these genres, revisited with his own style.

“Empty” is a fantastic track, a surprise that us music editors come only once in a while, especially in nowadays’ copy-and-paste music scene. We have been waiting for a long time to find an artist capable of creating a new original blend, one of those that doesn’t necessary follows the mainstream’s dictations but creates a new path in the system. The song’s initial part is dominated by the exciting vocal lines that, thanks to the warm and rich voice, make the whole piece stands out in a captivating, almost sensual way. The fantastic arrangement spans from minimal moments to powerful climaxes that make this track perfectly balanced.

Right after the break, the Deep-House character of the composition kicks in, with a strong beat and excellent sound research that develops in the second half of the track. The great rhythmic section, the exciting synth sounds, and the voice’s intensity support each other in excellent harmonic complicity. From an artistic point of view, it is undoubtedly a fantastic job, where each element contributes to enriching the harmony in a significant way. The same can be said of the electronic music base. We are thrilled at the idea that an artist who’s just eighteen is capable of creating such a masterpiece of modern music. “Empty” is one of those tracks that leaves the listeners in awe, a three-minute musical journey that digs deep into the listeners’ minds and goes straight to their hearts. We can’t wait for MRVN’s next release and, hopefully, a full-length album soon!

Check the links below, discover more about MRVN and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: MRVN

Instagram: mrvn.rl

Apple Music: MRVN

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