Hinkfuss Debuts with Stunning Album “Follow Shadows” – A Masterclass in Indie-Rock

Francesco Di Marco, known by his stage name Hinkfuss, has officially entered the music scene with his highly anticipated debut album, "Follow Shadows." Released on May 11th, this album marks a significant milestone in Hinkfuss's career, showcasing his artistic maturity and exceptional songwriting talent.

“Follow Shadows” is a compelling collection of ten songs that blend the essence of indie-rock with strong influences from the 80s and 90s, a period often revered as the golden era of these genres. The album was meticulously mixed and mastered at Fox Recording Studios in Seattle by talented Andrea Volpato, a former member of New Candys, ensuring a polished and professional sound that resonates with fans and critics alike.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the captivating single “Something To Forgive.” This song immediately convinces listeners with its solid songwriting, memorable lyrics, and Hinkfuss’s outstanding performance. The arrangement is dynamic yet accessible, drawing the listener in from the first note and holding their attention until the last. The production quality elevates the entire project, making “Something To Forgive” a must-listen.


The album opens with “No in-Between,” setting the tone with its dynamic energy and emotional depth. The title track, “Follow Shadows,” is vibrant and powerful, embodying the essence of the album. Another gem, “Last Forever,” showcases Hinkfuss’s ability to craft poignant melodies and engaging narratives. Before the release of “Follow Shadows,” Hinkfuss built anticipation with the excellent EP “The Glasgow Effect” and several singles. These releases introduced the public to his unique style and set the stage for his debut album. Each song in “Follow Shadows” showcases his growth as an artist, reflecting a deep understanding of musical composition and lyrical expression.


Francesco Di Marco’s creativity extends beyond his solo project. He is also part of a duo called Electric Drama, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to exploring various musical landscapes. This additional endeavor highlights his ability to collaborate and innovate within different musical contexts. In “Follow Shadows,” Hinkfuss has delivered an album that not only honors the traditions of indie-rock but also pushes its boundaries. This debut album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a journey through the creative mind of Francesco Di Marco, promising great things to come in his musical career.

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