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When it comes to creating music, an artist has to consider so many elements, and it is not only a matter of style and sound, melody, and rhythm. The most important thing, especially in Electronic, EDM, Trap music, and derived genres, is to find the right balance between soul and technology. This means that, as often happens nowadays, many new artists forget to put their own emotions into their music, thinking that a good synth will be enough to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, artists like Andrew Malone know the importance of both elements and know how to balance them to create something truly unique! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to some of his tracks, so sit back and enjoy this incredible musical journey!


The first song we want to share with you is “Homesick,” a fantastic track that incarnates all elements of modern EDM with strong contaminations from many other genres, such as Trap and Bass! The excellent vocal lines and synths that have been chosen for this song are just mindblowing. The beautiful melodies and harmonic architectures that Malone created are just outstanding. The excitement grows verse after verse, in a powerful blend of sound, clearly the result of very detailed sound research! “Homesick” is one of the best Electronic Music tracks of 2020 so far!

The modern EDM of “Homesick” is just one of the sides of Andrew Malone’s artistry. In his other track, “On My Mind,” we see him creating an incredible blend of Trap music and Bass, still with strong melodic elements of EDM and that modern arrangement that works not only in US clubs but also in big cities such as Berlin and London! Malone’s music breaks the borders and has international potential, proof of this incredible artist’s creativity and maturity! Malone’s style is unique, fresh, and exciting, and we can’t wait for his next releases!

Check the links below and discover more about Andrew Malone and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Andrew Malone

Facebook: andrewmalonemusic

Instagram: andrewmalonemusic

Soundcloud: andrew-malone

YouTube: Andrew Malone

Seattle-based producer and DJ Andrew Malone weaves blissful highs and visceral drops into memorable sets. Cross-genre but with an emphasis on Bass, Andrew Malone seeks to evoke the extremes of emotion with his sets.
Active in the Seattle music scene since 2009, Andrew Malone has had the privilege of performing at Summer Meltdown, Neumos, The Nectar, El Corazon, The Jewelbox Theater, The Rendesvous, The High Dive, Chop Suey, The Sea Monster, Barboza, The Triple Door, and many other venues all over the city. With a background in classical and jazz piano, Andrew Malone has gained a formal music education to enhance his intuitive songwriting and musicianship from the University of Washington and Shoreline Community College. His transition to electronic music production and DJ’ing marked a distinct apex in his career to take full control of his sound and deliver exciting performances time and time again.

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