BELLUS PRODUCTIONS (NYC) To Present International – NYC Solo Tour For Guitarist-Composer Eyal Maoz

Talented Guitarist and Composer Eyal Maoz on Tour, dates below. Don't Miss It.

Fearlessly gritty, melodically enchanting, all the most powerful hits of dreamy escapism, both when listened to at volume or near silence.

The wildly improvised compositions and sound design from Eyal Maoz, a renowned guitarist, composer, and band leader, who is also the owner of the notable production company, really let the natural qualities of his esteemed works shine brightly, with the help of imaginative, top-of-the-line guitar effect setting.

His attention to detail and fine balance between composed and passionate improvisation ultimately delivers a naturally engaging first listen – the best we have heard from a solo guitarist so far this year and something that will no doubt set most listeners off on a search for live shows.

Luckily, he is set to perform soon in Europe and New York City at these establishments:

April 18, 2023: Ljubljana Slovenia, at Prulček – live music venue, 2 Prijateljevaulica 1000. Concert’s link:

April 19, 2023: Vienna, Austria, at KunstbeTriebKlostergasse 11/1 (EckeKreuzgasse 64) 1180. Venue link:

April 20, 2023: Graz, Austria, at ARTIST’S, Schützgasse 16, Concert’s link:

May 2, 2023: New York City, USA, atDowntown Music Gallery. 13 Monroe Street / New York, NY 10002-7351.Venue’s link:

Listen to EyalMaoz’s solo works here:

Bellus Productions link:

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