BexX -“Love Chooses You” Exclusive Review!

It is always a pleasure listening to a familiar voice, and it is even better when these are the voices of artists who truly believe and live their music. Those artists who can balance perfectly a keen sensibility and pure talent create songs that shine of incredible positivity, turning your day into a better day. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to BexX’s new single “Love Chooses You,” another gem of modern electro-pop with the distinctive sound that is the trademark of all BexX’s tracks!

BexX is the power of nature; for those who missed our previous article about their incredible music, click here! 2020 is a significant year for their music, and we can tell from the very first second that this track follows the lead of “I’m Still There,” but with a more modern and fast-paced arrangement that shows another side of this kaleidoscopic artist.

“Love Chooses You” is a great track, and we BexX couldn’t have found a better title for it. Once again, the fantastic lyrics describe clearly some aspects of our reality that are part of our everyday life. The excellent arrangement and the perfect balance between the beautiful melodies of BexX voice and the electronic sounds give this track a freshness and modern vibes that flow smoothly from start to finish. If it is true that love moves the universe, it is also true that artists like BexX contribute massively to the mysterious engine that rules our existence.

Click on the links below and discover more about BexX, and don’t forget to add “Love Chooses You” to your favorite playlists!



Soundcloud: bexxme

YouTube: BexX

Spotify: BexX

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