CEENEYE – “Warrior Gang” Exclusive Review!

It is always a pleasure to listen to great music, and to create excellent music talent is not enough. Artists should have a vision, a clear idea of what kind of feel their art is going to wake in their audience. Artists with strong musical intuition like CeeNeye, that turns into music dreams, emotions, and life experiences! Today, at Planet Singer, we can listen to his latest EP “Warrior Gang,” a 6-track release that recalls the best of Hip-Hop music with fresh and modern vibes!

CeeNeye is a talented rapper, Hip-Hop artist, producer, and songwriter originally from Oakland. He started rapping when he was a teenager, inspired by legends such as 2pac, D’Angelo, and Nirvana! His life experience fulfilled with ups and downs reflected in his music and fed his creativity with a positive boost to his career. Strong songwriting skills and an incredible musical ear helped him shape his unique style, a sound that is highly recognizable and can be considered as CeeNeye’s trademark!

“Warrior Gang” is a great release. This 6-track EP is more than a collection of tracks! The opening track “Birthday” sets the bar at a very high level. The catchy rhythm and great melody of the following “That Sauce” show the incredible versatility of CeeNeye. In “Rain On Me” and “Look Back,” we can feel the 90s and early 2000s influence, and thanks to a crystal clear production, we can appreciate the outstanding performance of CeeNeye behind the microphone. The other two gems of modern Hip-Hop are the strong and direct “All This Money” and the final track “Dreams,” with its great arrangement and sound research! We are sure the best is yet to come for this talented artist, and we can’t wait for his next release!

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Official Website:  www.ceeneye.com

Facebook: CeeNeye

Instagram: CeeNeye

Spotify: CeeNeye

Twitter: CeeNeye_

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