CHRIS BORELLI – “Crooked Lines” Exclusive Review!

Some artists make music for fame and money, while others make music for a higher purpose. They truly believe in their art and use it to deliver a message, to tell a story, and frame a picture of a society that often forgets the beauty of true music. Chris Borelli is one of those rare artists, and today, at Planet Singer, we have the big pleasure of listening to his single “Crooked Lines” a track that is much more than just music!

Chris Borelli is a talented singer, songwriter, musician, rapper and Hip Hop artist originally from Framingham, MA. Placed into the custody of social services at the age of 11 with his sister and two brothers, Chris finds a loving adoptive family that supported and fed his love for music. The discovering of his incredible music skills and his love for piano were the first step towards his music journey. Chris found his true natural habitat in rap and hip hop music, genres that unleashed his artistry, and gave him the freedom to fully express his talent.

“Crooked Lines” is a fantastic track. The elegant base and catchy beat support Chris’ rapping surrounding his vocals with a warm, intense, and emotional melodic background. The raw and direct lyrics, together with an elegant but powerful arrangement are some of the elements that make Chris Borelli’s trademark. Chris’ ability to interpret every single word with incredible stamina and intensity is proof of his artistic maturity.

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Official Website:

Apple Music: Chris Borelli

TIDAL: Chris Borelli

iTunes: Chris Borelli

Instagram: chrisborelliofficial

Twitter: thechrisborelli

YouTube: Chris Borelli

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