CINEMA FOR THE BLIND – “She’s Forever” Exclusive Review!

It takes just one play to appreciate a great song, and, at the same time, it takes only a few seconds to understand the real potential of a band. In an overcrowded and everyday more frenetic music scene, it is rare to find artists that are great at what they do, and also have a deep understanding of their music, having fool control and awareness of their talent. Cinema For The Blind is one of those bands that give hope to the music industry. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their latest single “She’s Forever,” an excellent track that shows one of the many sides of this exciting act!

Cinema For The Blind is a music project that sees talented songwriter/frontman Rio Kruz and his sister Sierra Blaze fueling its creative engine. These two multi-instrumentalist siblings from Dallas, TX, joined by other excellent musicians, have shaped their sound, incorporating all the influences and styles that have been part of their musical growth. All these elements make Cinema For The Blind a versatile and dynamic musical project that, free from restrictions, brings new lymph to the Alt-Pop-Rock contemporary scene!

“She’s Forever” is one of those songs you never get tired of. Thanks to the modern arrangement and vibrant rhythmic progressions, you discover new characteristics at every listening. The catchy bass line, powerful, funky, and always on point, blends perfectly with the incredible drumming and excellent guitar riffs, creating the perfect base for Kruz’s vocals. If in “Outta Here Fast,” we appreciated Blaze’s outstanding performance behind the microphone, in “She’s Forever,” is Kruz to keep the level at its maximum with his exciting and genuine interpretation. Charismatic and spontaneous, Kruz, Blaze, and their talented bandmates go straight to the point, delivering fantastic tracks that make them stand out and put them for sure on the radar of Major Label’s A&Rs!

But why is Cinema For The Blind’s music so effective? First of all, they have a great rhythmic awareness; this comes both from natural talent and also from Kruz’s years of study with incredible percussionist Jose Rossy. While 99% of releases today utilize drum loops and photocopied patterns, Cinema For The Blind’s rhythmic engine is reliable, dynamic, and, most importantly, alive. The second element that makes CFTB’s songs so engaging is Blaze’s ability to create unique melodies and tasteful harmonies that brighten up their compositions; this is one of the features that make their music stand out, a real trademark sound!

Cinema For The Blind is also very active on the live side, spreading their contagious energy and enthusiasm by engaging instantly with the audience. The future is bright for these talented guys, and we can’t wait for their next releases and, hopefully, a full-length album soon!

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About the band:

Cinema For The Blind is an Alt-Pop project specializing in blurring genre lines and taking influences from a wide array of styles such as Electropop, NeoSoul, Funk, and Alt-Rock. Brother/sister songwriters Rio Kruz and Sierra Blaze have been writing original songs and performing since they were little kids. Several years ago they formed a band with some of the top musicians in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. With their singles “She’s Forever” and “Outta Here Fast” getting radio airplay on dozens of mainstream stations across the country like KLTZ/MIX93 and KLIR 101.1, the band is beginning to get recognized for it’s “major label” potential.

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