DANIEL HALABY – “Love Sick Dream” Exclusive Review!

Some artists prioritize their look, others that try to find new ways to feed the gossip around them, others, the true ones focus on their music. Their connection with art is personal and intimate, and the music they create is honest and authentic. Artists like Daniel Halaby, that with his latest single “Love Sick Dream” is going to show what real music is and is ready to stand out of the crowd.

Daniel Halaby is a talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter originally from LA. Gifted with a strong personality and a very dedicated music passion, Daniel has shaped his sound and created a unique and exciting new style of modern pop music.

“Love Sick Dream” is the first single from his upcoming album. The energetic and catchy rhythm of this track, together with the beautiful lyrics and surrounding melodies in the background, makes this track a perfectly balanced and exciting release. Daniel’s vocals are always on point, and his intimate yet fresh approach is proof of his strong interpretation qualities and attention to detail. Excellent arrangement and production for a track that is anticipating Daniel Halaby’s first album in the best way possible!

Check the links below and discover more about Daniel Halaby and his music, and don’t forget to add “Love Sick Dream” to your favorite playlists!

Instagram: d_halaby

YouTube: Daniel Halaby

Spotify: Daniel Halaby

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