Exclusive Interview with Talented Casandra Carson of Paralandra: Unveiling the Band’s Journey, Latest Album, and Future Plans

Dive into the dynamic world of Paralandra with an exclusive interview featuring the band's powerhouse vocalist, Casandra Carson. Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, Paralandra has captivated audiences with their electrifying blend of rock, metal, and memorable melodies.

From humble beginnings to sharing the stage with iconic artists and recording chart-topping albums, Paralandra’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. In this interview, Casandra takes us behind the scenes, sharing insights into the band’s history, creative process, and their highly anticipated second studio album.

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Casandra Carson to delve into the band’s journey, their latest album “The Body Electric,” and their vision for the future.


Hi Casandra, and thank you for being with us today! Your latest album, the incredible “The Body Electric” is without any doubt, one of the best Rock Album of 2024 so far! We are thrilled to know more about your journey so let’s start from the very beginning. Can you take us back to the beginnings of Paralandra? How did the band form, and what inspired you to pursue music together?

Thank you so much! We started back in 2013 when my dad and I decided to perform some of the songs that we had been writing together. It was really just for fun, but our show went over way better than we expected. So we decided to book another gig, and that one went over even better! People were asking for CDs, so we got a list of their names and emails, and began recording our own album at home. Everything pretty much just snowballed from there, and here we are a decade later!

“Street Magic” was a monumental success, catapulting Paralandra to new heights with over 5 million views and streams across platforms. How did the experience of recording and releasing this album shape your approach to music moving forward?

I think the largest thing it showed me is the importance of not only having a quality product to sell, but a quality team of like-minded people around you. We absolutely would not be where we are today without the immeasurable contributions of Chris Bianchi from Legend Recordings, Elvis Baskette, our video team at Exceleration Media, and especially my mom!

Your second studio album, “The Body Electric” is a brilliant release; with solid songwriting and a tracklist that convinces from the first track to the last, the album is a Must Listen! Can you give us some insight into the creative process behind this new record? How does it differ from your previous work, and what themes or messages can fans expect to hear?

I really appreciate it! We kind of view The Body Electric as a part two to Street Magic. There were so many songs to choose from when we initially went in to record that album with Elvis, but we could only choose 8. So songs like Give Me A Reason, Better Days, Resurrexit, and Love of My Life had to be put on the back burner. Of course, we continued writing as we were touring and promoting Street Magic, so that brought forth tracks like Faith Hope Love and Look At Me Now. In typical Paralandra fashion, this album resonates with positive energy and uplifting messages. The poem “I Sing The Body Electric” by Walt Whitman was the inspiration behind the album title. It’s a deep read, but ultimately is about how we are all the same underneath our skin, we’re made of electricity, and we are all connected on a much deeper level than just physical.


“Look At Me Now” serves as a powerful introduction to your latest album. What inspired the energetic vibe of this single, and how does it set the tone for the rest of the album?

I love that we decided to open the album with this track! I feel like Look At Me Now is the perfect introduction to someone asking “what does Paralandra sound like?”. You’ve got a high-energy drum intro, cool guitar riffs throughout the whole track, infectious vocal melodies, and a heavy, yet groovy breakdown as the hook. From a songwriting perspective, I wrote this about being proud of how far I’ve come in my musical career, and I think it serves as a great follow-up to the message and vibe of For the Record off of Street Magic.

“Dirty Love” is another standout single from your new album. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this track and what it represents within the context of the album?

I wrote this song about 5 years ago when I began dating my current boyfriend, Jaron Gulino. About a year prior to meeting him, I had ended a really toxic relationship (that lasted way too long if we’re being honest). So this song was born out of my sheer awe and amazement of feeling what it was like to be respected, valued, cherished, desired, loved, and appreciated in a way that I had never experienced before. Of course, every new relationship has its fiery excitement at the beginning, so there’s a little bit of that edge, too. But I feel like it ties in perfectly with the rest of the album because each song is derived from a real human experience, and I think that’s what makes our songs so relatable.

The album features a diverse range of tracks, from powerful ballad “Love of My Life” to dynamic and intriguing songs like “The Only One.” How do you approach crafting a cohesive yet diverse album that showcases your versatility as a band?

Just like when we’re writing a set list before a show, we like to consider the flow of the album. If every song is full throttle from beginning to end, it doesn’t really give the glorious moments any room to shine. In my opinion, a great album is like a great movie that takes you on a journey with the artist (or main character). Each song explores different grooves, energies, and emotions, just like the scenes change and the story develops as the suspense rises and falls. Then, at the end, if you really loved the movie, you’ll typically want to start over from the beginning and watch it all over again, rather than rewinding to one particular scene, and it’s because you love so many different parts about it for different reasons. That’s the experience we’re aiming to create with our albums.


Now that the new album is out, do you have any tour updates?

Yes! We’ve got some big shows coming up this summer, and we’ll be doing some headlining dates in between to connect them. I’m super excited about playing with Lita Ford and Warrant in Las Vegas on June 22, playing with Lita Ford again plus Vixen in Grand Ronde, Oregon on July 13, playing with Lynch Mob in St Peters, MO on July 25, and playing with Sevendust in Streator, Illinois on August 3! As always, there’s sure to be more tour dates popping up as we continue to promote the new album. The best way to stay in the loop is by joining our mailing list and checking our website www.paralandrarocks.com

Paralandra’s music often incorporates elements of rock, metal, and other genres. How do you balance these influences to create a sound that is uniquely Paralandra?

I think each one of us brings a little something different to the table. My dad is very inspired by the 80s guitar gods as well as Christian rock bands, like Stryper, Petra, and Rez band. I’ve always been very inspired by my dad‘s musical interests, but I also really enjoy listening to pop artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, so I think that contributes to a lot of the melodies and hooks that I write. Sawyer is all over the board, haha! That guy listens to anything from Hank Williams to Billy Strings to Tech N9ne to Avenged Sevenfold. Dakota’s taste is no exception, but his drum influences like Mike Mangini and Mike Portnoy really shine through our music and give us a unique rhythmic edge. Put all that together and you’ve got… Paralandra.

The band has had the opportunity to tour with and support iconic artists like Warrant, Lita Ford, and Firehouse. What have you learned from sharing the stage with these seasoned musicians, and how has it influenced your own approach to performing live?

I’m truly so inspired by these artists that continue to perform at the caliber that they do night after night. I can only hope and pray that I’ll be performing at that level when I’m their age! Touring is rough, especially on singers, so I have nothing but mad respect for them. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to share the same stage!

As a female-fronted rock band, Paralandra challenges stereotypes and breaks barriers in the music industry. Your voice and charisma stand out and you definitely earned your place among rock artists like Doro, Lita Ford, Floor Jensen, and Noora Louhimo, to name a few. What advice would you give to aspiring female musicians looking to make their mark in the rock and metal genre?

My best advice is to stay true to yourself, write down 3 reasons why you’re proud of yourself every day, and to work hard for what you want, because you deserve it. Manifestation is 100% real, so if you continue to dream, and continue to envision the life that you want, you’ll naturally begin taking steps towards making it a reality, and eventually, it will be.


Casandra, it was such a pleasure having you with us today! Is there anything else you would like to say to Paralandra fans?

I’d just like to say thank you for listening to our music, and for believing in this small-town, father-daughter team that had a big dream! Writing and performing music is the thing that makes me the happiest in my life, and over a decade later continues to give me butterflies, so thank you for keeping me on this path and allowing me to live out my rockstar fantasy!

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