FLAME OF LIFE – “Fortress” Exclusive Review!

Flame Of Life are back with a brand new single, and we had the big pleasure to listen to their latest work! “Fortress” is available on all online on their official SoundCloud so don’t miss out!

Flame Of Life are originally from Belarus and their style is crazy and unique! Their genre is called Lazer, a mix of industrial, grunge, gothic-rock, punk-rock and nu-metal, and their sound is energetic and distinctive.

Starting from the great production of the base, we can hear a lot of influence from industrial, grunge and punk from the golden times. One of the distinctive strengths of this “Fortress” is the constancy of the beat and strength of the musical part. The electronic elements and the programming of the sequences gives the track the energy necessary to support the great vocals of Fazer.

The whole song is a constant stream, almost like a storm, where the outstanding performance of Fazer behind the microphone gives stability and meaning to every word!

In this new single, with a new drummer and an all renewed energy, Flame Of Light are back stronger than before and free to experiment, without constrictions of any kind. The artistic freedom that this 5 piece from Belarus shows is commendable, and this is something these young artists should be proud of!

It is very clear even from the artwork and the pictures that represent the band that these guys know what they are doing and have a very clear idea of their style and how their music represents them. Far from mainstream, consumer tracks, they proudly produce a unique and very distinctive sound that embraces the best of industrial, gothic rock, punk, nu-metal and much more. And it is that “more” that makes Flame Of Life authentic! Lazer is not only a music genre, but it is also a way of life!

If you love industrial, grunge, punk-rock and nu-metal don’t miss the chance to add these guys to your favorite playlists! Check the links below to discover more about Flame Of Life and their music!

SoundCloud: Flame Of Life

Facebook: Flame Of Life

MySpace: Flame Of Life


The band was founded by The Bottle as guitarist and Fazer as vocalist in 2015 in Belarus.

Gothic bassist Dead Flower joined to answer the ad. The bassist had previously lived in the local cemetery therefore after joining he dwelt in Flame Of Life studio. DJ Arxonix played in Latvian clubs but didn’t have much popularity. Fazer liked his music style and asked to join.

The first EP was an usual alternative disc. It had some experiments but it was not enough. Flame Of Life decided to move forward and created their own genre called lazer. It’s similar to industrial and nu-metal in some way but quite different too.

After the band released new albums in 2016 and 2017 and then took a break for one year. After reunion Flame Of Life started working on new songs. Although there was still no drummer in the band.

The Cowboy was an anarchist and punk-rock fan. The guy threw his passport out when he was 16. He joined our band at the beginning of 2019 and worked on our new album as drummer. So there are five of us to date.

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