PAUL PEDANA – “Hurt” Exclusive Review!

Sometimes it takes just a couple of seconds to fall in love with a song or an artist. It is not about the melody or the rhythm. Some artists have that unique spark that captivates the listeners’ attention, digging into their memories and dreams. Artists like Paul Pedana know how to touch the human soul’s inner strings, turning a great song into a masterpiece thanks to his unique style and incomparable understanding of art. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his single “Hurt,” a classic by Johnny Cash which becomes one the gems in Paul’s splendid album “A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity.”


Paul Pedana is a talented artist originally from Umbertide, near beautiful Perugia, Italy. Gifted with a strong musical instinct, Paul started his musical journey when he was just six when he began studying piano, then expanded his musical skills and learned drums and guitar when 12. Driven by volcanic creativity, he composed an 11-track symphonic music album at the age of 14. His passion for music never stopped, even when life challenged him after a tragic accident at the age of 16. While hospitalized, he never stopped creating, finding new strength and inspiration to become the incredible artist he is! The journey to the USA to live with the Native American tribe of the “Lakota,” the albums with his band Anthropos, the evolution of his sound, the international success, and the beginning of his solo career, all these fundamental steps, and incredible life experiences are tangible in Paul’s music and make his songs so special.

“Hurt” is more than a song; this cover of Johnny Cash, also covered by Nine Inch Nails, finds new lymph and energy through Paul Pedana’s warm and rich voice. His outstanding performance behind the microphone is remarkable; every word is carefully balanced and interpreted, going straight to the listeners’ hearts. Paul’s rendition of “hurt” is intense, emotional, and inspiring, just like his previous works and all the other songs of Pedana’s album “A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity,” which has also been nominated at the 18th Independent Music Awards. Paul’s moving and unique approach to art is proof of his versatility and artistic maturity, and we can’t wait for his next release!

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