Guilt By Omission releases the excellent new single “Slave!” Exclusive Review!

"Slave" is another brilliant release signed Guilt By Omission, a song that convinces from the first note to the last!

Guilt By Omission is an exceptional musical project created by talented artist Jack Lamb. More than a one-man band, the project has its own identity, sound, and style. Powerful and evocative in its arrangement, captivating songwriting, and outstanding delivery captivating make Jack Lamb’s Guilt By Omission one of the most exciting projects in the contemporary Alternative Metal scene!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the pleasure of listening to some of Guilt By Omission’s tracks and discovering more about the sound architecture behind such incredible music!

Guilt By Omission releases the excellent new single “Slave!”

After the excellent “Never Even There,” an evocative and captivating track whose cadence recalls legends of the genres such as Deftones and the most obscure My Bloody Valentine, Guilt By Omission’s new musical creature that will capture the attention of all Metal, Alternative and Progressive lovers. “Slave” marks a brand new chapter in Guilt By Omission’s discography! Alter Bridge, TOOL, and Alice in Chains vibes, blended with Rob Halford’s most inspired solo projects like Fight, with breathtaking vocal harmonies, hammering drums, and precise, striking, and dazzling guitar riffs.

“Slave’s” soulful and evocative lyrics tell a story that thanks to the great narrative and outstanding interpretation, frames vivid scenes in our minds. The excellent arrangement of the song creates dynamic waves that excite and mesmerize the listener, feeding their inner fears, dreams, and expectations. The inspiring “Broken” and the exciting “Break The Cycle” are some other tracks you cannot miss, which show how versatile Guilt By Omission’s sound can be! Well done, and we can’t wait for the next release, and hopefully, a full-length release soon!

Check the links below, discover more about Guilt By Omission, and don’t forget to add “Slave” and all the other tracks to your favorite playlists!

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