WIBBY WHITE – “His Name Is Wibby White” Exclusive Review!

What makes an artist unique? Is it his music or the lyrics? Maybe it is the groove and the sound? The truth is that what makes an artist stand out of the crowd it’s a combination of all the above and more. To be memorable, you need that spark, that quid that many others simply don’t have. Some call it experience, some others talent, but whatever you call it, Wibby White is clearly one of those rare artists. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest album “His Name Is Wibby White,” a fantastic collection of six tracks that celebrates this artist’s incredible talent!

Wibby White is a power of nature. Originally from Miami, White is a talented singer, songwriter, and music producer gifted with a vibrant musical taste. Wibby shapes his sound, incorporating the best EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop with numerous influences from other genres such as R&B and Electronic music. Soulful singer and charismatic performer, Wibby White is back with a new exciting release that shows an artist’s maturity with a very clear musical vision!

The album starts with the engaging rhythms of “Optimistic,” a real party starter that, with great vocal lines and inspirational lyrics, spreads positivity from start to finish! “Black Disco Baby” follows right after, and the groove level jumps to the roof. The track flows smoothly, and we find the intense “Boogie Music” feat the talented JAH JAH. Wibby’s vocal performance is outstanding. In songs like “Soo Alone,” we can appreciate his incredible talent as a singer. His voice is warm and rich, and his ability to interpret every word with charisma makes these songs memorable. “Principle Of Love” feat talented Jackie-O shows another side of this incredibly versatile artist. “I Just Wanna Be Your Everything” closes the circle with his fantastic EDM, fantastic vocal melodies, and excellent Rap parts. This song feat talented Flykidd Jr is the perfect conclusion for a true masterpiece of modern music, and we can’t wait for Wibby’s next release!

Check the links below and discover more about Wibby White and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Distrokid: Wibby White

Spotify: Wibby White

YouTube: Wibby White

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