JASON BIYO – “N.U.M.B.” Exclusive Review!

It is always a great pleasure when you discover new artists that, despite the young age, show a level of artistic maturity that many big of the music industry can only dream of. Real artists feel and resonate with the music they make and have a clear vision of the music they are releasing. Artists like Jason Biyo, a talent that is entirely in control of his emotion and is ready to conquer the charts! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the big opportunity to discover his latest E.P. “N.U.M.B.,” a release that marks an essential new chapter in Jason’s music career.

Jason Biyo is a talented singer, songwriter, and Hip Hop artist originally from Germantown, Maryland. His love for music has always been a part of his life, nourishing his passion and talent with the influence of many artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo, to name a few. After a few singles that have not been very successful, Biyo continued working on his music and trained in the Performing Art Program at AMDA-LA.

“N.U.M.B.” stands for Never Underestimate Mr. Biyo. This seven-track E.P. shows the incredible hard work and passion of an artist making the right steps towards the success he deserves. The first track, “No Ghosts (Down),” is a very engaging mid-tempo track that sets the bar very high, beautiful lyrics and intense interpretation make this a real gem of modern R&B. The beautiful and passionate duet with Emmillienne on “Hey Gorgeous,” followed by the emotional and very rhythmic “Fall for You” shows the versatility of Jason on different styles and genres.

In this E.P., we can also appreciate catchy and energetic tracks such as the blend of pop and Hip Hop of “Trippin Forreal” and the slow tempo of “One” and its modern arrangement. “N.U.M.B.” and is probably the most various and intense track of the whole release; we can appreciate the fantastic sound research, beautiful and meaningful lyrics, supported by Jason’s incredible vocals! The E.P. is closed by “Hands,” an energetic and enthusiastic track that is going to make the listener push the repeat button more than once for sure!

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