jWORLD – “Up All Night” Exclusive Review!

It is always a great feeling when you listen to quality music, especially if it comes from artists that believe in their project. In an overcrowded and sterile, artists like jWorld are like a deep breath of fresh air. His latest single “Up All Night” is a very powerful track that is going to force the listener to press the repeat button many times!


jWorld is a talented Hip Hop artist, songwriter, and producer originally from Lebanon and based in Virginia where, strong of an incredible musicality and incredible songwriting skills, he has been working with many artists during the past years. World released his first singles “Eat” and “Young Mozart” in 2018, followed by his debut full-length “Prophecy” in early 2019. Soon his second album “Open Season” was released and followed by new collaboration and a new single “Round & Round”.

“Up All Night” is jWorld’s latest single, engaging and energetic track that marks a new and important chapter in his music career. The powerful lyrics, supported by his incredible interpretation, make of this track one of the best Hip Hop songs of 2020 so far, proof of the maturity of an artist that constantly evolves, while still being honest to his style and trademark sound. The production of this “Up All Night” is outstanding, and we can’t wait for jWorld’s next full-length release!

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Instagram: jworldmusic

Tik Tok: @jworldmusic

Spotify: jWorld

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