KAREN – “We Are The United States” Exclusive Review!

Inspiring, motivational, and engaging, these could be a few of the characteristics of Karen’s music. Some singers sing for fame, others for money. Karen uses her talent to deliver a much higher message, a gift for everyone who needs support during these hard times. With her latest single “We Are The United States” this talented singer has captured the real essence of communion. Today at Planet Singer we had the chance to discover more about her music and her latest project!

Karen’s a talented singer and songwriter originally from Texas, US. Her artistry and her unique voice are just a few of the gifts that this artist has. Karen’s songwriting is motivational and emotional, and just like the big names in the music industry, she uses her talent in support of those who have been affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We Are The United States” is her latest single. A powerful track that shows her infinite love and gratitude for those who are helping us fight the virus, helping the most affected by taking care of them and supporting despite the dangers of this situation. This beautiful song, not only shines thanks to the fantastic lyrics and the meaning they carry but also thanks to Karen’s incredible vocals and interpretation. A big Bravo goes to Barry Brake and K. S for the great production work on a track that goes straight to the heart of the listeners.

Check the links below to discover more about Karen’s music, and don’t forget to add “We Are The United States” to your favorite playlists!

Bandcamp: Karen

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