KEVIN FLOURNOY -“No One” feat. Rebecca Jade Exclusive Review!

In a music scene that often focuses too much on the look, and forgets to give the priority to the art, true artists like Kevin Flournoy are welcome as a deep breath of fresh air after a long busy day. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the opportunity to listen to Kevin’s version of “No One”, joined by incredible singer Rebecca Jade, a masterpiece that found new life thanks to a completely new arrangement and a mix of passion and talent!

Kevin Flournoy is a talented songwriter, producer, and musician with an incredible career. Gifted with a magical ear, Kevin is also an exquisite pianist and composer who has produced, performed, written and collaborated with some of the biggest music icons such as Chaka Khan, Donny Osmond, Dionne Warwick, Teena Marie, Jeffrey Osborne, and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few. His approach to music is unique, thanks to his incredible sensibility as a musician and his ability to play with sounds and shape them into emotions.

“No One” is the cover of the original song from Alicia Keys, a masterpiece that has been recorded and re-recorded many times by artists worldwide. The difference is simple and evident. Kevin Flournoy’s version, featuring talented singer Rebecca Jade, is not the typical “remake” of a famous song, but it is a completely new version, enriched with a fantastic arrangement. The colorful reggae rhythms, the engaging backing vocals, and the incredible support of a big band of talented musicians turned a great song into an unstoppable and contagious stream of energy that captivates the attention of the listeners engaging with them from the very first second till the last one.

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