KHRONO.K – “Let’s Change That pt 2” Exclusive Review!

For some performers, music is just a way of having fun, making money, and becoming famous. For others, it is much more; it is a way of discovering themselves through their music, writing down chapters of their lives, and living every word in their song; these are real artists, like Khrono.K, who has been working on his sound and creating something unique! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his song “Let’s Change That, pt 2,” an engaging track that follows the lead of the previous “Let’s Change That, pt 1” released in 2019!

Khrono.K is a talented artist whose music is vibrant of influences and engaging sonorities. Singer, RnB and Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and much more, this artist has been shaping his sound with incredible attention to details.

“Let’s Change That, pt 2” is more than a song. Starting from the great melody of the chorus of the previous pt 1, this song is one of those tracks you have to listen to several times to fully understand the incredible sound research, production, and fresh arrangement done on the whole creation. Great lyrics, direct and honest shine thanks to the outstanding interpretation of Khrono.K behind the microphone. This track signs a significant chapter in this talented young artist’s career, and we can’t wait for his next hit!

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Deezer: Khrono.K

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