LA SUSI – “La Rosa Cautiva” Exclusive Review!

Like all forms of arts, music is not only a source of entertainment; it is more than a tool to relate with the audience and transmit emotions. From the artist’s point of view, art is life, and through it, an artist can live forever. It is always sad when someone leaves us, and the immense void they left behind cannot be filled. La Susi was, and still is, proof that music, when done with the heart, is much more than art; it is life. Today, at Planet Singer, we want to celebrate this talented artist’s life and art. Her song “La Rosa Cautiva” is the last gift to her legacy, and we are honored to remember her sharing with you this brilliant release.

Encarnacion Amador Santiago, aka La Susi, daughter of renowned guitarist Jose Maria Amador, and sister to guitarist Joaquin Amador, died in Sevilla, Spain, on October 24, 2020. Flamenco lost one true gem in the genre. Known for her soulful, intense, and powerful performance, La Susi will always be remembered for the incredible stamina and passion. La Rosa Cautiva is the last song La Susi ever recorded and the first single from an upcoming film documentary soundtrack album titled “Flamenco: Passion in Danger.” The song also features the incredible work of legends Pedro Cortes on guitar and musical arranger Diego Amador on piano and other instruments.

“La Rosa Cautiva” is the pure manifestation of what authentic Flamenco is meant to be. Every word and every note takes life through La Susi’s outstanding performance. Raw, vivid, powerful, and emotional, her warm and colorful voice interprets every single sentence with an intensity that only true artists can achieve. The brilliant arrangement, and the fantastic work of legendary Pedro Cortes and Diego Amador, turned this song into an absolute masterpiece. La Susi still lives in her music, and “La Rosa Cautiva” proves that true art is timeless!

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