LACE – “Liar’s Notebook” Exclusive Review!

Music has no limits; it connects people worldwide, making them share the same emotions and feelings. When it connects musicians, the result is even more powerful. Now, thanks to the modern technologies, artists that are on the opposite sides of the planet can collaborate and create fantastic music; despite the distance that divides them, artists like Lace, whose music is the perfect mix of styles and sounds, and the result of the tremendous work of very talented artists! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their latest EP “Liar’s Notebook,” a 4-track release that will engage listeners from the first second to the last one!

Lace is an enthusiastic band divided between Los Angeles and India, shapes their sound creating exciting and engaging Neo-Soul music with strong influences from other styles such as South Indian sonorities and Jazz Music. United by the love for music, the chemistry between these four talents is undeniable, resulting in that unique blend of melodies and groovy rhythms that are Lace’s trademark sound.

Starting from the opening “Liar Liar,” feat talented Emi Desidé (Percussion), we can appreciate the band’s very distinctive sound, a perfect blend of Soul music and Jazz, catchy rhythms, fantastic guitars solos, and dynamic vocals, with very tasteful melodies and intriguing lyrics. The beautiful soundscapes of “Lima” introduce us to the third track of this “Liar’s Notebook,” “Bird,” a real gem in its genre. The beautiful vocal lines of Mana Contractor supported by the incredible guitar riffs and solos of Sidhant Jain give soul to this outstanding track. The metronomic engine of the rhythmic section of talented bassist Connor Coram and the excellent drummer Navneet Rao sustain the whole track with unstoppable stamina. “Remember” closes the circle with its beautiful melodies and an intensity that resonates deeply with the listener. Lace’s Ep “Liar’s Notebook” is one of those releases everyone should listen to, and we can’t wait for their next projects, and hopefully, a full-length album!

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Bandcamp: Lace

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Instagram: Laceplays

Facebook: Laceplays

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