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There is music that entertains, music that motivates, and music that changes lives. One of the most abstract forms of art is also one of the most powerful and influential in our life, ruling our mood, our decisions, and often, our subconscious and instincts. While most artists focus on the entertaining and engaging features of music, there are artists whose music serves a higher purpose. Artists like Mr. A.K.M. stand out from the crowd for their innovative and peculiar songwriting skills, and thanks to the depth and honesty of their compositions. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their latest project, “No Serial Killer,” a release that I would define as unique in its genre and of fundamental importance.


“No Serial Killer” is a musical creature born from the creativity of Mr. A.K.M., a talented artist originally from Nottingham, England. Gifted by a unique and visionary musical taste, “No Serial Killer” shapes its sound, incorporating genres apparently very far from one another, from Rock to Country, from Blues to Soulful vibes. A.K.M.’s “No Serial Killer” is a fantastic project aiming to eliminate murder in society. The whole structure of the album consists of 35 original songs, 87 total tracks, including all the different arrangements and variants, composed and recorded by A.K.M. with the collaboration of talented singers from North America, and other excellent musicians. Self Taught pianist, composer, songwriter, and creative, Mr. A.K.M. has created a genuinely magnificent opera. Every song that is part of this project completes the whole picture, like a piece of a puzzle, contributing to delivering this vital message.,

In the darkest moments of our lives, when everything seems futile and hopeless, not everyone has the strength to stand and resist that darkness inside. “No Serial Killer” is more than a collection of songs, more than a musical project. It is a musical journey that could save lives, an essential tool to bring some light into the life of those who need help. It is crucial that everyone listen to these songs with an open heart and embracing this musical journey and its meaning! Among these fantastic tracks, brilliantly produced and arranged, we find several gems, such as the intense “Bird Of Prey,” “Everyday,” “Anyway,” the beautiful and emotional “Sleepless,” and the engaging “I Cry,” to name a few!

“Love Me” is one of those tracks that, like a fundamental column, sustain the whole sense of this project. It incorporates the true essence of the release through soulful lyrics and memorable melodies. The talented singer’s outstanding performance, supported by A.K.M.’s brilliant playing, makes this song dynamic and engaging. A.K.M’s composition’s versatility is evident also in the different arrangements of the track, such as the excellent “Piano Solo” and “Sax Solo” versions. Another peculiarity of “No Serial Killer” is the intriguing choice of using the piano to play the bass guitar parts, as introduced in the first track, “Intro,” with the term Bass Piano, giving the whole project a unique vibe, experimental and elegant at the same time!

Check the links below, discover more about “No Serial Killer,” and please be part of this significant project by downloading and sharing these songs with your loved ones, Mr. A.K.M. gave the first push, and now it is up to us to make a real change!

Spotify: No Serial Killer

Bandcamp: No Serial Killer

Facebook: NoSerialKOfficial

Twitter: NoSerialK


‘No Serial Killer’ is the brainchild of Mr. A.K.M. from Nottingham, England. He plays piano like a bass guitar, hence the term ‘bass piano.’ There is no bass guitar on the album. We cannot think of any artist who uses the piano as a bass guitar. All 35 songs were written by A.K.M. and all singers are North American. AKM is a 100% self-taught pianist/songwriter. The entire album was done online through airgigs, soundbetter and fiverr i.e. none of the musicians ever met in person. All instruments were recorded separately, then mixed & mastered afterwards.

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